Wednesday, September 24, 2003

The TiogaRV Team is boondocked around the corner from the home of George's son David. We started our Great Adventure from here. We have been gone a bit short of four months, 109 days. We have come so far, only to arrive at where we started. Below is a pic of George with Ms. Tioga at their favorite Concord boondock place.

Thinking about all the places we have been, and all the Wonderful Adventures we have had, it almost seems unreal. As if the whole thing was a movie. And what an Adventure Movie it was, too.

We saw wonderful rivers outside Ms. Tioga's window. We saw the sunset in colors that only a picture could possibly describe. We boondocked on a volcano, and watched miniature Snow People skiing down its side in the middle of July. We remember a little creek near Sisters, Oregon and looking across the Willamette River to see gorgeous downtown Portland. And seven elk near sunset, a hundred yards from Ms. Tioga. A beaver in a pond of his own making a few miles from the stark earth of Mount Saint Helens.

We remember oh, so much. George wonders why he is so lucky to have these memories? He doesn't know, but he thanks God for this miracle every single day of his life.

Latitude: N37 57.90' - Longitude: W121 56.34'


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