Sunday, September 21, 2003

We are boondocked a few miles south of Point Arena, a town famous for its Light House that sticks out on a finger of land into the Pacific about two miles. A few feet from Ms. Tioga is a cliff that overlooks the vastness of the Ocean. Ms. Tioga was the first to hear the sound of seals barking. We all looked, and we could hear them but not see them.

We are the only RVs at this marvelous boondock site. Hundreds of RVs go by every hour on Hwy 1 above us. Why are there no RVs here? Are people afraid? Boondocking means exploring and sometimes taking a chance. Look at the wonderful boondock site the TiogaRV Team got from taking a chance and exploring.

The pic below is overwhelmed by the small star that lights our way each day.

After supper, our view mellowed out. George loves evening best. How sunset's colors are so beautiful on the ocean. And after, when the stars come out. Wow!! Tonite there is no Moon and George can see the Milky Way so clearly. Words fail.

Below is a pic of the last bit of sunlight with Tioga and George looking on.

Latitude: N38 51.28' - Longitude: W123 39.09'


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