Friday, October 31, 2003

The morning came with a huge change of weather heading our way! Rain. The pic below shows the gathering storm over Cielo Camino. Viene la tormenta !!

Just as the rain began to pit-pat down, the TiogaRV Team was on the move again. We headed up the mountain and reached the 4,000 foot altitude. We are camped about 500 feet lower now, and 6 miles closer to downtown Santa Barbara. The rains are pretty heavy, and steady too. We are in the clouds, and have only a 200 yard visibility.

The leaks that we repaired over the summer seem to be holding. Thank you, Eternabond! We have one drip from Ms. Tioga's rear emergency exit window. Not a big thing though.

About an hour before dusk, the entire TiogaRV Team had a meeting. Our propane tank indicator reads low. We believe that there is plenty of propane, but we are not sure of our gage. We are at 3,500' altitude, and it gets cold up here. We took a vote, and decided to descend to Santa Barbara. The first few miles that we traveled down were in a cloud and we had to drive very carefully. You should all be proud of Ms. Tioga because she brought us thru that descent in fine shape.

We made supper camp in Santa Barbara and intended to stay there for the nite. George went to bed, and the sound of Hwy 101 nearby was so loud, that he got up, and, in his pajamas drove to a neighborhood in Carpinteria for the nite!

GPS: N34.39500 W119.51983


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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Tyger, Tyger! burning bright,
In the forests of the night...

The pic below reminded George of these lines above, from William Blake's wondrous poem.

Just after sundown yesterday, the fog rolled in so fast! The fog had a dank odor, and George thought that it smelled like it had come off of the Ocean's bottom. This morning in contrast, the sky above is blue with puffy clouds.

Down below looking toward the Ocean, we can see the towns of Goleta and Isla Vista. Yesterday, all of the cities below were covered over with fog. The smoke from the distant fires in Southern California is gone today.

Doesn't the pic below remind you of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado (small version)? This pic shows what we see looking westerly at sunset.

GPS: N34.50683 W119.76150


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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

I don't know what happened last night in Santa Ynez, but we woke up here!

After we got out of the Santa Ynez Jail, George walked around to the nearby Chumash Indian Casino which recently opened in Santa Ynez. No, he didn't gamble, because he didn't find his favorite gambling game, which is craps. Then we drove for our breakfast camp looking over Lake Cachuma.

We are now camped on Camino Cielo, a road that in English means Heaven or Sky Road. Our camp is 3,326 feet high and is only seven miles from Santa Barbara as the crow flies. We are alone, nobody else is camped here.

Ms. Tioga asked Mr. Sony Mavica to take a pic of her roofly equipment. Ms. Tioga is very proud of her equipment and her looks. Below is a pic of Ms. Tioga from the hill nearby.

At this place, there are few flowers. But there are some, and they are beautiful. Here is a pic of one of the flowers.

GPS: N34.50683 W119.76150


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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

We were on the road to La Purisima Mission at 6am, and made breakfast camp in a field nearby. A little while later, the sun was rising behind the smoky haze that came from the Southern California fires.

While George was eating breakfast, he noticed the flower farm across the dirt road. Of course Mr. Mavica and his faithful friend TriPod wanted to go out right away and look at the beautiful flowers. After breakfast was cleaned up, the three of us went out on a flower look. Flowers are a giant crop near Lompoc. Below is a pic of George looking at the flowers.

The grounds of La Purisima Mission are an historical wonder. Being there is like transporting back into time. Below is a pic of the main church and a perspective of the sleeping and working quarters.

We have made supper camp in a residential neighborhood of Santa Ynez, near the Chumash Indian Casino. Tomorrow we will go past Lake Cachuma again, towards an approved dispersed camping area above Santa Barbara. This place is on Camino Cielo (heaven or sky road in Spanish).

We moved to our overnite camp, a dirt parking lot in downtown Santa Ynez. Our battery bank is pretty low, because the smoke from the Southern California fires overcast the sky preventing our solar panels from full charging.


Monday, October 27, 2003

Some kind of computer glitch occurred in an email that George sent to Bank of America when he used the word "unauthorized." The computer picked up that word, and froze George's ATM card. We are picking up the new ATM card in Santa Barbara this morning. The pic below shows George in front of the BofA.

We have a choice of continuing south, or staying around this area and exploring. We are encouraged by an online friend, Pete of Berkeley, to go back aways and see the Mission La Purisima.

It is now early evening, and "We Are Back In Lompoc Again !" The La Purisima Mission is very close. The pic below taken in a Lompoc shopping center, shows the Dragon Palace restaurant in the background. George may drag on over there a little later to try their buffet.

After George finished answering email, he thought that he would go over to the Dragon Palace, and just take a peek. He had prepared Mommy recipe salmon pattys that afternoon, and ate a couple of them around 2pm, so he needed supper at the Dragon Palace like he needed a hole in his head. Just one look at their buffet, and George knew that he was lost. George loves Chinese food! He loves to eat with chop sticks. He loves buffets.

Latitude: N34 39.11' Longitude: W120 27.36'


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Sunday, October 26, 2003

George has a good friend named Mr. Wordsworth, who speaks to George about philosophy, flowers and grass. George was thinking about Mr. Wordsworth and wrote the lines below, which sprung from a recent experience.

Forever A Diamond In The Rough
To see my world thru other's eyes.
Yet not be changed by other's lives.
To be so brave & true,
I will bare my soul to you.

Yet endure the stare,
When comes the disappointment there.
To be changed by flaws I find,
To know the beauty in my mind.

Yet see my world thru other's eyes,
And not be changed by other's lives.

The TiogaRV Team spent the night in Goleta. We tucked ourselves between some trucks in a construction area that had a clear view of our satellite in the sky.

Latitude: N34 26.62' Longitude: W119 49.95'


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Saturday, October 25, 2003

Hi Everybody !

We are in a beautiful park, east of Lompoc. George made a nice breakfast here, and watched a love story on TV. We are so happy because we are Free As Birds!

We spent much of the mid-day with friends that we met on the RV Forum who live near Lake Cachuma in the Santa Barbara area. And, we even had a home cooked meal! Afterwards, we drove to the lovely town of Solvang, which was overrun with visitors. The pic below shows George in Solvang.

We continued on South and made our camp in the City of Carpinteria, close to the Union Pacific Railroad Tracks. We are hoping the trains do not roll by during the night to wake us up!

Latitude: N34 23.87' Longitude: W119 31.41'


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Friday, October 24, 2003

The entire TiogaRV Team was up before dawn today, and moved on down the road to the City of Lompoc. When we got to Lompoc, we parked close to a Von's Grocery and saw a picket line of grocery workers. The sun was not yet up, and the picket line was already walking. We all looked at the picket from inside Ms. Tioga for a long while. Then George went out for his walk to pick flowers for his George Cup.

During breakfast, we watched the picket line grow larger. Later George went out to talk to the union people. They seemed to talk confidently, but George says that he could see in their eyes the fear. The unasked question hanging over them, "How will we survive being locked out from our job & paychecks?" Below is a pic of some of the picket posing with George.

Across the street from the Von's, was a shopping center with a laundromat and we went over there to wash clothes. A little store close by had wild bargains, and George bought 10-pair of socks for only $8 dollars!! While the clothes were washing and drying, Ms. Tioga got herself cleaned up a bit.

George wants to mention something about tasting food and drinking water. When George had cancer, and was taking the dreaded chemo, all of his food tasting went absolutely crazy. Water tasted like he was drinking lacquer thinner. Food often made him gag, and he had to get it out of his mouth fast, or he would throw up. Those were bad times. But, because of those times, George never takes eating and drinking for granted anymore. Even an ice cold glass of water is a wonderful gift from God to George.

Latitude: N34 39.11' Longitude: W120 27.36'


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