Friday, October 24, 2003

The entire TiogaRV Team was up before dawn today, and moved on down the road to the City of Lompoc. When we got to Lompoc, we parked close to a Von's Grocery and saw a picket line of grocery workers. The sun was not yet up, and the picket line was already walking. We all looked at the picket from inside Ms. Tioga for a long while. Then George went out for his walk to pick flowers for his George Cup.

During breakfast, we watched the picket line grow larger. Later George went out to talk to the union people. They seemed to talk confidently, but George says that he could see in their eyes the fear. The unasked question hanging over them, "How will we survive being locked out from our job & paychecks?" Below is a pic of some of the picket posing with George.

Across the street from the Von's, was a shopping center with a laundromat and we went over there to wash clothes. A little store close by had wild bargains, and George bought 10-pair of socks for only $8 dollars!! While the clothes were washing and drying, Ms. Tioga got herself cleaned up a bit.

George wants to mention something about tasting food and drinking water. When George had cancer, and was taking the dreaded chemo, all of his food tasting went absolutely crazy. Water tasted like he was drinking lacquer thinner. Food often made him gag, and he had to get it out of his mouth fast, or he would throw up. Those were bad times. But, because of those times, George never takes eating and drinking for granted anymore. Even an ice cold glass of water is a wonderful gift from God to George.

Latitude: N34 39.11' Longitude: W120 27.36'


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  1. At the time this was going on, I was still an employee for Von's parent company, Safeway. As it turned out, the strike was held out for so long that in the end, the company won as it financially destroyed a good number of the Union members on strike and they ended up elsewhere trying to get work again as the strike drug on.