Sunday, October 26, 2003

George has a good friend named Mr. Wordsworth, who speaks to George about philosophy, flowers and grass. George was thinking about Mr. Wordsworth and wrote the lines below, which sprung from a recent experience.

Forever A Diamond In The Rough
To see my world thru other's eyes.
Yet not be changed by other's lives.
To be so brave & true,
I will bare my soul to you.

Yet endure the stare,
When comes the disappointment there.
To be changed by flaws I find,
To know the beauty in my mind.

Yet see my world thru other's eyes,
And not be changed by other's lives.

The TiogaRV Team spent the night in Goleta. We tucked ourselves between some trucks in a construction area that had a clear view of our satellite in the sky.

Latitude: N34 26.62' Longitude: W119 49.95'


Google Map Anchor Link

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