Thursday, October 02, 2003

Hi Everybody:

I want everybody out there to know that I am feeling excellent. I had to call off the CT Scan in order to get more information about any danger to my kidneys which might result from the iodine that is used in this procedure. Next week, I will meet with a doctor specializing in kidneys to find out how to proceed.

I want to find out if I remain cancer free. I will take the proper tests, if it is safe to do so. I will let you know what results from the meeting with the kidney doctor.

Today, I went to my old cancer support group at The Wellness Community in Pleasant Hill, California. Every Wednesday is the meeting day. It was nostolgic being in that room, where, in my mind, ghosts still sit in their same old chairs as when they were alive. As time goes by, I see in my mind's eye, my now dead friends from Group much clearer. Their faces are more distinct. I wonder, are they reaching out for me, from across the barrier between life and death? Or am I reaching for them? Maybe both?