Thursday, October 23, 2003

It's "Vacuum The Carpet Day" in Grover Beach, California! We had to buy three vacuums before we found the one that we really liked, and it's a Dirt Devil.

As many of you know, keeping home clean in an RV is a bit different then in a regular home. Weeds, pebbles and thorny things get tracked in along with tons of road dust. George loves to use the Dirt Devil, because our carpet looks so nice afterwards. Below is a pic of George with the Dirt Devil and Ms. Tioga looking on.

We traveled south a bit and stopped to shop at a big shopping center in Santa Maria. At the Best Buy, we looked at computers. It was getting towards evening, so we decided to stay the night. The pic below shows where we will camp. Can you guess where?
Our Camp at the WalMart.


Nite Camp Location

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