Friday, October 31, 2003

The morning came with a huge change of weather heading our way! Rain. The pic below shows the gathering storm over Cielo Camino. Viene la tormenta !!

Just as the rain began to pit-pat down, the TiogaRV Team was on the move again. We headed up the mountain and reached the 4,000 foot altitude. We are camped about 500 feet lower now, and 6 miles closer to downtown Santa Barbara. The rains are pretty heavy, and steady too. We are in the clouds, and have only a 200 yard visibility.

The leaks that we repaired over the summer seem to be holding. Thank you, Eternabond! We have one drip from Ms. Tioga's rear emergency exit window. Not a big thing though.

About an hour before dusk, the entire TiogaRV Team had a meeting. Our propane tank indicator reads low. We believe that there is plenty of propane, but we are not sure of our gage. We are at 3,500' altitude, and it gets cold up here. We took a vote, and decided to descend to Santa Barbara. The first few miles that we traveled down were in a cloud and we had to drive very carefully. You should all be proud of Ms. Tioga because she brought us thru that descent in fine shape.

We made supper camp in Santa Barbara and intended to stay there for the nite. George went to bed, and the sound of Hwy 101 nearby was so loud, that he got up, and, in his pajamas drove to a neighborhood in Carpinteria for the nite!

GPS: N34.39500 W119.51983


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