Monday, October 27, 2003

Some kind of computer glitch occurred in an email that George sent to Bank of America when he used the word "unauthorized." The computer picked up that word, and froze George's ATM card. We are picking up the new ATM card in Santa Barbara this morning. The pic below shows George in front of the BofA.

We have a choice of continuing south, or staying around this area and exploring. We are encouraged by an online friend, Pete of Berkeley, to go back aways and see the Mission La Purisima.

It is now early evening, and "We Are Back In Lompoc Again !" The La Purisima Mission is very close. The pic below taken in a Lompoc shopping center, shows the Dragon Palace restaurant in the background. George may drag on over there a little later to try their buffet.

After George finished answering email, he thought that he would go over to the Dragon Palace, and just take a peek. He had prepared Mommy recipe salmon pattys that afternoon, and ate a couple of them around 2pm, so he needed supper at the Dragon Palace like he needed a hole in his head. Just one look at their buffet, and George knew that he was lost. George loves Chinese food! He loves to eat with chop sticks. He loves buffets.

Latitude: N34 39.11' Longitude: W120 27.36'


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