Tuesday, October 28, 2003

We were on the road to La Purisima Mission at 6am, and made breakfast camp in a field nearby. A little while later, the sun was rising behind the smoky haze that came from the Southern California fires.

While George was eating breakfast, he noticed the flower farm across the dirt road. Of course Mr. Mavica and his faithful friend TriPod wanted to go out right away and look at the beautiful flowers. After breakfast was cleaned up, the three of us went out on a flower look. Flowers are a giant crop near Lompoc. Below is a pic of George looking at the flowers.

The grounds of La Purisima Mission are an historical wonder. Being there is like transporting back into time. Below is a pic of the main church and a perspective of the sleeping and working quarters.

We have made supper camp in a residential neighborhood of Santa Ynez, near the Chumash Indian Casino. Tomorrow we will go past Lake Cachuma again, towards an approved dispersed camping area above Santa Barbara. This place is on Camino Cielo (heaven or sky road in Spanish).

We moved to our overnite camp, a dirt parking lot in downtown Santa Ynez. Our battery bank is pretty low, because the smoke from the Southern California fires overcast the sky preventing our solar panels from full charging.


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