Sunday, November 30, 2003

Everything Is Better - "On The Road in Ms. Tioga!"
It is so clear, that life out here "On The Road in Ms. Tioga" is a better life. No matter what or where. Ordinary things become a joy. Shopping for groceries, is an adventure. Eating breakfast with a view of the Pacific Ocean. Picking flowers everywhere. It is a blessing from Heaven to be living this life!

In the pic below, George and the fabulous, fantastic and most famous RV in the History of the World, the wonderful Ms. Tioga are in Aunt Shirley and Uncle Seymour's backyard. This morning, George and Uncle Seymour re-engineered both of Ms. Tioga's side mirrors. These mirrors were very loose and did not stay in place. Now, they are rock solid.

Yesterday, Uncle Seymour used his considerable mechanical talents to help George repair the broken bracket in Ms. Tioga's rear bumper. Uncle Seymour made two beautiful welds in order to re-attach Ms. Tioga's bumper bracket.

Since Thanksgiving Day, George has been horsing around fixing things on Ms. Tioga and running around seeing things with Aunt Shirley and Uncle Seymour. The three of us love to do stuff, any kind of stuff.


Thursday, November 27, 2003

Mr. Sony Mavica had tears running down his lens as he captured the pic below of a Thanksgiving Sunrise over Carpinteria. Mr. Mavica said, "George, I am not big enough for this sky, it is too big!" George said, "Sony, you are just the perfect size."

What do you think? Is Mr. Mavica the perfect size for this sky?

We cleaned up Ms. Tioga so she would look nice, if any of our relatives or friends wanted to take a peak at the Team. Around noon, we drove into the mountains to Uncle Seymour and Aunty Shirley's home for the Thanksgiving celebration.

Below is George in their front yard.

No Nite Camp location today.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003


When we were in Tujunga Canyon a few weeks ago, I drove past the dam. At the highest point in the rise, I spotted an old gate. The dirt road past the gate went up to a place where there was some cement work that I spotted as I was driving below. Being curious, I went up there. It is a beautiful view. Somebody leveled off a large area, and put down concrete pads and walls. There was no sense to it, that I could make out. It was as if this construction was started and stopped suddenly shortly afterwards.

I wandered around exploring. There are two levels, with a road in between. On the upper level, I found a large cement pad. On this pad in stenciled 10" high white block letters, I read the words, "TOO LATE".  Who could have put this note there? Who was it written to? Too late for what?

I felt sad reading and re-reading that note. Was it like a scene from "An Affair To Remember"? Or, "Sleepless In Seattle"?  Did she promise to meet him there, and she never came? Was his heart broken, as he waited and waited? Who knows? "TOO LATE" What sad and empty feelings these words bring up.

  • I know that it is NEVER too late. 
  •  Never too late to begin. 
  •  Never too late to find what we are searching for!

Other things we did
The Team did so much today. We shopped at The Home Depot for many things. I went for a haircut, so that I'll look spiffy for Thanksgiving. Then, we drove north to Carpinteria where George went to the Lavanderia. Do you know what a Lavanderia is? In the pic below, I am looking at the coast off Carpinteria where we day camped at the beginning of November.

We made supper camp at the site of the pic above. After 9pm, we made nite camp at the same place we stayed overnite on November 2nd. Our little Red Flags in Mr. DeLorme's GPS map that show us where we nite camp, are really coming in handy.

Latitude: N34 23.87' Longitude: W119 31.41'

Camp Location

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

We moved nite camp around 4am because the Hwy 101 traffic noise made sleep for everybody difficult. A few miles away it was much more quiet. One of the reasons that we stopped here in Camarillo, is because we spotted a nice looking computer store. Mr. Chips' drive cable has been coming loose, and we believe that we should buy a new one.

After George's flower walk, which was exceptionally good this morning, George finished the Bondo, primed and finish coated the fire plug repair job. The pic below shows George admiring his work. Do you think that George deliberately smashes into things, because he enjoys doing repair jobs?

We want to finish the fire plug repair, then buy the new computer cable. We are busy bees! The pic below shows George pointing at the completed repair. He must like how it came out! Look at that smile!

The nice looking computer store that we spotted is called, "All-City Computers." And what a store this is!! When George went in to ask them about replacing Mr. Chips' drive cables, they gave him for FREE, an entire set of cables! Wow, what a store. George replaced the hard drive cable, and Mr. Chips is now humming along at 1.5 MS access speed. Well, almost!

George is now going shopping at the Food-4-Less Grocery, because he did not want to cross the Von's picket line. The picket people suggested Food-4-Less, which just happens to be George's favorite market.

We made nite camp at the same location as we did on November 4th, earlier this month. We have been marking a little red flag on Mr. DeLorme's GPS map with the date at each nite camp. This is the first time that we remember using these little red flags to find a place to camp.

Latitude: N34 14.41' Longitude: W119 10.1499'


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Monday, November 24, 2003

In the pic below, George points to the first coat of Bondo that he applied to repair the damage when he backed into a fire plug, of all things! George also found that he broke his rear bumper bracket too. He hopes to repair it using Uncle Seymour's welding machine.

We are now in a Thousand Oaks shopping center west of Los Angeles so that George may take his afternoon nap.

We drove a few miles west to the city of Camarillo, and made supper camp in a very large shopping center east of town. There are a few other RVs in this large almost empty lot, and George found a flat place, so we did not have to use Mr. Levelers.

Before supper, George put another layer of Bondo onto the area at Ms. Tioga's rear that he is repairing. Then he put some touch up silver paint on the outside dually wheels. We hope to make nite camp here, if there are no security patrols that care about us.

Latitude: N34 12.94' Longitude: W119 0.18'


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Sunday, November 23, 2003

We left Jacky's home in Leisure World early Sunday morning, looking to recapture the taste of the Most Wonderful Pastrami Sandwich in the World. George ate that sandwich at the Farmer's Market in Los Angeles, years ago. Below is George entering the famous marketplace.

We found the outdoor restaurant in the Farmer's Market, and ordered the Pastrami Sandwich, and take a look! Is this the Most Wonderful Pastrami Sandwich in the World, or what?

This Pastrami tasted so Wonderful, and George remembers when tasting was NOT so wonderful. When he was in Group, with his cancer friends. George will never forget them. In the pic below, George raises an orange juice toast to all his friends in The Wellness Cancer Support Group. Especially to Allan, Stephen, Jay and Betty-who did not make it. George wants all of you to know, that he will never forget you!!

Ms. Tioga, the most famous Vagabonding RV in the history of the World, is bewildered at finding herself nite camping with these rogue RVs in Reseda, California. George seems to be happy though!

Latitude: N34 12.02' Longitude: W118 31.99'


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Saturday, November 22, 2003

Below is a pic of our nite camp in the parking lot of Chris' Foreign Car Service. A protected haven amidst the City of Costa Mesa, California.

Did we tell you about the magic music box that George bought for the Team? It is actually a tiny Sony CD Boombox that George bought in order to play songs in Ms. Tioga's bedroom. We found out that it was magic when it began to play music actually performed by long departed musicians. I know that this seems impossible, but this is inside Ms. Tioga and magic things happen here. This morning, Scott Joplin and George Gershwin themselves played Piano Ragtime, and it was too beautiful to describe!

During mid-morning we drove east to where George's Aunty Rochelle and her daughter Jacky live. We were here a few days ago, and we returned to spend a bit more time. Jacky is George's cousin, and we went over to Aunty Rochelle's home a short distance away and had a wonderful supper together. Aunty Rochelle's egg plant salad is special !! Below is a pic of George with Aunty Rochelle, and a pic of George with Cousin Jacky after supper at Aunty Rochelle's home.

The Team is nite camping near Cousin Jacky's home again, and Mr. Sunny is plugged into 120 volt AC power in order to equalize his battery bank.

Latitude: N33 36.62' Longitude: W117 43.17'


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Friday, November 21, 2003

I have supper camped in Newport Beach, very close to the Pacific Ocean. I am surrounded by beach and vacation homes filled with young people. It is Friday evening, and the air is pulsing with the sounds of hormone driven young men and women in search of each other. The music is loud, to attract the attention that, I suppose is required for such a night like this one. I stood outside Ms. Tioga in the early evening. It was an amazing site to see the goings on.

I will not nite camp here. Who could sleep with the din of the music, the sound of roaring mufflers and the partying going on? Am I that old?

We drove on a bit, and explored around Costa Mesa, a few miles north of Newport Beach. Ms. Tioga who always keeps an eye out for nite camp sites, spied a tucked in place in a parking lot. The entire Team took a look, and agreed that this place was great and quiet too. We are nite camped in the parking lot of "Chris' Foreign Car Service". We feel sure that Chris will not mind if the Team looks after his place tonite.

Latitude: N33 39.10' Longitude: W117 55.09'


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Thursday, November 20, 2003

We have traveled from George's cousin Jacky's home to the City of Fullerton, to have work done on Ms. Tioga. We had tire inflation extenders, installed on our rear dually wheels. These are solid tubes, not the flexible kind that leak and break.

Afterwards, The Team traveled south to Newport Beach where George's longest time friend lives with his wife Marlynne. Below is a pic of Marlynne, David, George and the world famous Jocko The Dog.

We are planning on spending a wonderful evening with David, Marlynne and Jocko The Dog, just schmoozing around. Then, later on, we will make nite camp a little ways inland. We are very close to the Pacific Ocean. Here in Newport Beach, it is better to nite camp away from the Ocean to avoid a late night visit from law enforcement.

Latitude: N33 37.62' Longitude: W117 55.47'


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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Noise!! Much of the entire Los Angeles area is filled with a constant din of noise coming from the spider web of freeways that cover the entire area. People who live here, do not seem to hear it. George hears it, and it seems to be speaking to George, saying, "Leave, leave, leave." George is threatening to wear the ear protection that he uses when practicing target shooting.

At late morning, The Team took off to go to George's Cousin Jacky's home in Laguna Hills. Jacky lives in a wonderful retirement community called "Leisure World." When Jacky and George were kids, they lived in City Terrace where George was born, and they played together in Tujunga Canyon in Baubi's Cabin during many summers.

Later in the afternoon, Jacky's Mom (George's Aunty Rochelle) came over and we all three spent a few hours looking at very old family photos. That evening we ate a great supper that Jacky prepared. Below is a pic of George with his Aunty Rochelle and Cousin Jacky just after supper.

We have made nite camp here in my cousin Jacky's neighborhood. We are plugged into shore power for the first time in months, and are equalizing Mr. Sunny's battery bank.

Latitude: N33 36.62' Longitude: W117 43.18'


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