Saturday, November 22, 2003

Below is a pic of our nite camp in the parking lot of Chris' Foreign Car Service. A protected haven amidst the City of Costa Mesa, California.

Did we tell you about the magic music box that George bought for the Team? It is actually a tiny Sony CD Boombox that George bought in order to play songs in Ms. Tioga's bedroom. We found out that it was magic when it began to play music actually performed by long departed musicians. I know that this seems impossible, but this is inside Ms. Tioga and magic things happen here. This morning, Scott Joplin and George Gershwin themselves played Piano Ragtime, and it was too beautiful to describe!

During mid-morning we drove east to where George's Aunty Rochelle and her daughter Jacky live. We were here a few days ago, and we returned to spend a bit more time. Jacky is George's cousin, and we went over to Aunty Rochelle's home a short distance away and had a wonderful supper together. Aunty Rochelle's egg plant salad is special !! Below is a pic of George with Aunty Rochelle, and a pic of George with Cousin Jacky after supper at Aunty Rochelle's home.

The Team is nite camping near Cousin Jacky's home again, and Mr. Sunny is plugged into 120 volt AC power in order to equalize his battery bank.

Latitude: N33 36.62' Longitude: W117 43.17'


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