Friday, November 21, 2003

I have supper camped in Newport Beach, very close to the Pacific Ocean. I am surrounded by beach and vacation homes filled with young people. It is Friday evening, and the air is pulsing with the sounds of hormone driven young men and women in search of each other. The music is loud, to attract the attention that, I suppose is required for such a night like this one. I stood outside Ms. Tioga in the early evening. It was an amazing site to see the goings on.

I will not nite camp here. Who could sleep with the din of the music, the sound of roaring mufflers and the partying going on? Am I that old?

We drove on a bit, and explored around Costa Mesa, a few miles north of Newport Beach. Ms. Tioga who always keeps an eye out for nite camp sites, spied a tucked in place in a parking lot. The entire Team took a look, and agreed that this place was great and quiet too. We are nite camped in the parking lot of "Chris' Foreign Car Service". We feel sure that Chris will not mind if the Team looks after his place tonite.

Latitude: N33 39.10' Longitude: W117 55.09'


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