Monday, November 24, 2003

In the pic below, George points to the first coat of Bondo that he applied to repair the damage when he backed into a fire plug, of all things! George also found that he broke his rear bumper bracket too. He hopes to repair it using Uncle Seymour's welding machine.

We are now in a Thousand Oaks shopping center west of Los Angeles so that George may take his afternoon nap.

We drove a few miles west to the city of Camarillo, and made supper camp in a very large shopping center east of town. There are a few other RVs in this large almost empty lot, and George found a flat place, so we did not have to use Mr. Levelers.

Before supper, George put another layer of Bondo onto the area at Ms. Tioga's rear that he is repairing. Then he put some touch up silver paint on the outside dually wheels. We hope to make nite camp here, if there are no security patrols that care about us.

Latitude: N34 12.94' Longitude: W119 0.18'


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