Saturday, November 01, 2003

Ms. Tioga and the Gang moved to a lovely protected place with the Pacific Ocean close by us. Here is a pic with George showing his happiness at finding a beautiful clear blue sunny sky, and this great breakfast camp.

We played around in our breakfast camp area until the afternoon, then went shopping in Carpinteria and bought a bunch of maintenance stuff for Ms. Tioga. One of the things that we bought was an Oil Pan Drain Bucket. George plans to change Ms. Tioga's oil himself from now on. This is a first for George, he never changed oil before.

Somebody near us shouted, "What a beautiful rainbow!" Mr. Sony Mavica ran out and took this magnificent pic.

We drove back into central Carpinteria, into a neighborhood, and parked near the railroad tracks in the south part of town and had supper. We are camped here for the nite. This is the second time we camped on this street, we were here a week or so back.

Latitude: N34 23.86' Longitude: W119 31.40'


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