Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Noise!! Much of the entire Los Angeles area is filled with a constant din of noise coming from the spider web of freeways that cover the entire area. People who live here, do not seem to hear it. George hears it, and it seems to be speaking to George, saying, "Leave, leave, leave." George is threatening to wear the ear protection that he uses when practicing target shooting.

At late morning, The Team took off to go to George's Cousin Jacky's home in Laguna Hills. Jacky lives in a wonderful retirement community called "Leisure World." When Jacky and George were kids, they lived in City Terrace where George was born, and they played together in Tujunga Canyon in Baubi's Cabin during many summers.

Later in the afternoon, Jacky's Mom (George's Aunty Rochelle) came over and we all three spent a few hours looking at very old family photos. That evening we ate a great supper that Jacky prepared. Below is a pic of George with his Aunty Rochelle and Cousin Jacky just after supper.

We have made nite camp here in my cousin Jacky's neighborhood. We are plugged into shore power for the first time in months, and are equalizing Mr. Sunny's battery bank.

Latitude: N33 36.62' Longitude: W117 43.18'


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