Wednesday, November 26, 2003


When we were in Tujunga Canyon a few weeks ago, I drove past the dam. At the highest point in the rise, I spotted an old gate. The dirt road past the gate went up to a place where there was some cement work that I spotted as I was driving below. Being curious, I went up there. It is a beautiful view. Somebody leveled off a large area, and put down concrete pads and walls. There was no sense to it, that I could make out. It was as if this construction was started and stopped suddenly shortly afterwards.

I wandered around exploring. There are two levels, with a road in between. On the upper level, I found a large cement pad. On this pad in stenciled 10" high white block letters, I read the words, "TOO LATE".  Who could have put this note there? Who was it written to? Too late for what?

I felt sad reading and re-reading that note. Was it like a scene from "An Affair To Remember"? Or, "Sleepless In Seattle"?  Did she promise to meet him there, and she never came? Was his heart broken, as he waited and waited? Who knows? "TOO LATE" What sad and empty feelings these words bring up.

  • I know that it is NEVER too late. 
  •  Never too late to begin. 
  •  Never too late to find what we are searching for!

Other things we did
The Team did so much today. We shopped at The Home Depot for many things. I went for a haircut, so that I'll look spiffy for Thanksgiving. Then, we drove north to Carpinteria where George went to the Lavanderia. Do you know what a Lavanderia is? In the pic below, I am looking at the coast off Carpinteria where we day camped at the beginning of November.

We made supper camp at the site of the pic above. After 9pm, we made nite camp at the same place we stayed overnite on November 2nd. Our little Red Flags in Mr. DeLorme's GPS map that show us where we nite camp, are really coming in handy.

Latitude: N34 23.87' Longitude: W119 31.41'

Camp Location

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