Thursday, November 20, 2003

We have traveled from George's cousin Jacky's home to the City of Fullerton, to have work done on Ms. Tioga. We had tire inflation extenders, installed on our rear dually wheels. These are solid tubes, not the flexible kind that leak and break.

Afterwards, The Team traveled south to Newport Beach where George's longest time friend lives with his wife Marlynne. Below is a pic of Marlynne, David, George and the world famous Jocko The Dog.

We are planning on spending a wonderful evening with David, Marlynne and Jocko The Dog, just schmoozing around. Then, later on, we will make nite camp a little ways inland. We are very close to the Pacific Ocean. Here in Newport Beach, it is better to nite camp away from the Ocean to avoid a late night visit from law enforcement.

Latitude: N33 37.62' Longitude: W117 55.47'


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