Sunday, November 23, 2003

We left Jacky's home in Leisure World early Sunday morning, looking to recapture the taste of the Most Wonderful Pastrami Sandwich in the World. George ate that sandwich at the Farmer's Market in Los Angeles, years ago. Below is George entering the famous marketplace.

We found the outdoor restaurant in the Farmer's Market, and ordered the Pastrami Sandwich, and take a look! Is this the Most Wonderful Pastrami Sandwich in the World, or what?

This Pastrami tasted so Wonderful, and George remembers when tasting was NOT so wonderful. When he was in Group, with his cancer friends. George will never forget them. In the pic below, George raises an orange juice toast to all his friends in The Wellness Cancer Support Group. Especially to Allan, Stephen, Jay and Betty-who did not make it. George wants all of you to know, that he will never forget you!!

Ms. Tioga, the most famous Vagabonding RV in the history of the World, is bewildered at finding herself nite camping with these rogue RVs in Reseda, California. George seems to be happy though!

Latitude: N34 12.02' Longitude: W118 31.99'


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