Tuesday, November 25, 2003

We moved nite camp around 4am because the Hwy 101 traffic noise made sleep for everybody difficult. A few miles away it was much more quiet. One of the reasons that we stopped here in Camarillo, is because we spotted a nice looking computer store. Mr. Chips' drive cable has been coming loose, and we believe that we should buy a new one.

After George's flower walk, which was exceptionally good this morning, George finished the Bondo, primed and finish coated the fire plug repair job. The pic below shows George admiring his work. Do you think that George deliberately smashes into things, because he enjoys doing repair jobs?

We want to finish the fire plug repair, then buy the new computer cable. We are busy bees! The pic below shows George pointing at the completed repair. He must like how it came out! Look at that smile!

The nice looking computer store that we spotted is called, "All-City Computers." And what a store this is!! When George went in to ask them about replacing Mr. Chips' drive cables, they gave him for FREE, an entire set of cables! Wow, what a store. George replaced the hard drive cable, and Mr. Chips is now humming along at 1.5 MS access speed. Well, almost!

George is now going shopping at the Food-4-Less Grocery, because he did not want to cross the Von's picket line. The picket people suggested Food-4-Less, which just happens to be George's favorite market.

We made nite camp at the same location as we did on November 4th, earlier this month. We have been marking a little red flag on Mr. DeLorme's GPS map with the date at each nite camp. This is the first time that we remember using these little red flags to find a place to camp.

Latitude: N34 14.41' Longitude: W119 10.1499'


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  1. Hi George,
    I don't know if you will be able to read this because you wrote this so long ago. Yes, you do have the most marvelous smile! I found your blog several months ago and went back to the beginning to read it. I am reading several days at a time but I don't wasn't too go too fast because I really want to enjoy your travels. I love the way you write and I love how you see everything as being so beautiful and wonderful.