Wednesday, December 31, 2003

What a lovely morning at Imperial Beach! The Team is parked a few hundred yards off the Pacific Ocean. The surf is really up and the waves are huge. Several surfers are out there, and they do not last but a few seconds on the steep waves!

In the distance looking South are hills which lie in Mexico, whose border is less than three miles away as the crow flies. In the pic below, George talks with Ms. Tioga about traveling to Mexico!

George just popped a lovely Chuck Roast Beast into the oven a few minutes ago. Yummy! It is now about 4 hours later, the roast is done and it is soooo good, that George cannot keep his hands off of it! :)

In the pic below, George thinks about the coming year, as the sun sets on the last day of 2003. Wow!


From Ms. Tioga and George and all of the rest of the TiogaRV Team we wish that 2004 is your best year yet! :)

Good nite!

Latitude: N32 35.00 Longitude: W117 6.94


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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

It is 6:47AM, and the sun is supposed to rise in a few minutes. The clouds are out, and it looks like rain!

We are heading South toward Imperial Beach. We are on Hwy 75, across the road from the bike path where yesterday we took the pic of the Naval Training Range. The pic below has George standing at the edge of the field where the training takes place. This is much closer than our yesterday pic.

We can only imagine the trials that military people endure on this training field!! It has been over 43 years since George trained in the Army on a field like this one. George says, "This place looks a lot more rugged than where I trained at Fort Ord!" In the pic below, George scans this place.

No rain so far! :) We have driven down the "Silver Strand", a strip of land between Coronado Island and Imperial Beach that sometimes is only 1,000 feet wide. The Pacific Ocean was on our right and San Diego Bay on our left as we drove South. In Imperial Beach, we are going shopping for groceries and stuff. At this point, we are only five miles from the Mexican Border!

We shopped at a terrific grocery, "Wally's IGA" because we did not want to cross the Vons picket line. We washed clothes at a LaundroMat here in Imperial Beach, then drove straight down the road and parked in the parking lot of the Public Works Department for the City of Imperial Beach!

We know, we know, we have a lot of nerve to park here. But it is a perfect place, level and secluded. San Diego Bay is just a couple hundred yards away!

When we drove into this lot, a big pre-New Year's fireworks display was going on across the Bay, in the vicinity of Chula Vista, Mr. Mavica and George rushed out to take some pics. George held Mr. Mavica up over the fence so that Mr. Mavica could see everything and snap pics furiously.

Mr. Mavica got one excellent fireworks pic. What do you readers think? Is this an excellent firework pic below? If it is, write Mr. Mavica an email. You do know that every member of the TiogaRV Team has their own email address. You didn't know that? Click on the "Index Page" link at the right/top of this page, and you will see the link for our email addresses, OK?

We made supper and nite camp in The Department of Public Works parking lot. We are so brave!

Message from Mr. Sony Mavica to all TiogaRV Readers out there:

Hi everybody! This is Mr. Sony Mavica. Just yesterday, George put up this sign on Mr. Dometic's refrigerator door:

"No More Carbs Or Sweets Until Monday, January 5th, 2004.
Signed, George S. Lehrer"

This morning, George ate every cookie from his cookie bowl, about (10) cookies! Later that afternoon, George finished all of the corn chips. This evening for supper, George ate potatoes and cheese tortellini!! Do these foods sound like carbs and sweets to you readers?

George now has a replacement sign, which states:

" George Lehrer will perform the Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise Plan every single morning!"

What do you readers think about George's wavering here? Please write George and tell him what you think, OK?

Thank you,
Mr. Sony Mavica

Latitude: N32 35.35 Longitude: W117 6.71


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Monday, December 29, 2003

George, Mr. Trek and Mr. Sony Mavica went for a ride early this morning. We went south, along a spit of land that led us to the Naval Amphibious Station. Just before this station, is a little park with a playground, and in the playground is a swing! George cannot resist a swing. Below is George swinging.

We continued south and came upon one of the Navy's physical training areas. There were some bombed out aircraft and vehicles scattered about and also, the training devices; hanging ropes and ladder like obstacles used to maximize the training activity conducted here. Below is a pic of George looking across the highway at the training area.

George has been up on the roof much of the morning, working on Mr. DataStorm who is having some problems moving! It got so cold up there, and the day is so grey and chilly too. So, George went inside Ms. Tioga, cranked up Mr. Wave6 our catalytic heater and made a bowl of minnestrone soup. It is so warm and toasty in here, you would not believe! We are watching a movie on TV!! :)

BTW, Ms. Tioga wants to send a special hello to "Danita Ortowski" who is a new reader of the Blog! Danita is in the 3rd grade, and is going to share the Tioga and George Adventure with her fellow students in school. Hi Danita, we love you!

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Sunday, December 28, 2003

It is a bit after 3PM, and The Team is parked at the edge of the beach of the Pacific Ocean. In the pic below, George looks at the view down the road from on top of Ms. Tioga. Can you see The Del in the distance? To right of this pic, do you see the low hills? Several miles south of these hills, is the Nation of Mexico! Is Mexico calling the TiogaRV Team?

Below is a pic of the same site as above, except looking west. From up on the roof of Ms. Tioga, we are able to see the sweep of the coastline of Coronado Island. Wow!

Below is another pic of The Hotel Del Coronado, from further up the beach. What a special place The Del is!

George says goodbye to Sunday on Coronado Island!

George is working on a method of putting things that he sees along the road, into a data file that will be accessible to readers. He was working on it all morning. George's son David is helping with the technical part of this project. George hopes to have a method for readers to search on our own database.

For example, if you are looking for an RV Dump in Contra Costa County, California; you will be able to find it. Of course the things available, will only be the things that George has seen, or knows about. The Team is very excited about this new project!

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Saturday, December 27, 2003

George poked around on the computer for about an hour until about 7AM and he made an "Index Page", located at the top right of the Blog, in order for readers to more easily find the pages that he makes. Then we drove up to the North end of Coronado Island. This Coronado is a beautiful place.

There is an optical illusion that we are actually in San Diego. This appears this way, because the buildings in downtown San Diego are so tall, that they seem closer than they really are. It is as if these tall downtown San Diego buildings are in Coronado. Wow! In the pic below, you may see that the Bay is actually between us on Coronado and downtown San Diego!

We made breakfast camp in a park in northeast Coronado. Directly out of Ms. Tioga's computer station window, we see the Hwy 75 Coronado Bridge. In the pic below, Ms. Tioga, Mr. Trek, Mr. DataStorm and George take a peek at the view of the Coronado Bridge from this lovely park!

Mr. Sony Mavica, Mr Trek and George went on a very nice bike ride this afternoon, all over North Coronado. You will just love this Coronado! It is filled with lovely stores that are not only beautiful, but fun to shop in too! Again we all heard the sound of many languages, as we walked along. Visitors from all over the World come to visit here.


Friday, December 26, 2003

It is just past 7AM and we have crossed the Hwy 75 Bridge and are in Coronado, near the gigantic North Island Naval Air Station. We may be on this island for a few days. There is a lot to explore. Wow!

Yesterday's storm is gone, and it is a bright and sunshiny day! A lot of wind though!

A bit after lunch, George & Mr. Sony Mavica climbed aboard Mr. Trek and pedaled along the boulevard to the Hotel Del Coronado. Some call it the Hotel Del. Some, just The Del. All know what that means. What it means is a Price Range: From $207.08 to $334.80, and that is from an online discount site.

The Del is opulent. It is magnificent. It is very huge. George and Mr. Mavica walked a 1/4 mile up the beach before we could bring the entire Del into Mr. Mavica's lens!

Everything about the Del is history. A photo on the wall in the bar pictures Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt during their stay here. Errol Flynn hangs on the wall nearby. At the rear of The Del, is the Pacific Ocean. A very clean wide beach extends out from the Del's walkway. George kneels on a walkway in the pic below.

Ms. Tioga is a haven, a sanctuary, a castle !

This morning as we were preparing to leave our Shelter Island nite camp site, a lady walked by Ms. Tioga. It was still early morning, during the 6 o'clock hour, and the wind was blowing and it was drizzling too. She was middle aged, and carried a small duffle bag. She had wrapped her body in a sheet of plastic in order to ward off the cold and wet of last nite. We see the people everywhere. Many have nothing. That is why we on The Team feel that Ms. Tioga is a haven, a sanctuary, a castle. We have sooo much compared to many others!!

It is after 11PM and we are moving from our supper camp site west to the residential neighborhood where we camped this morning. Our supper camp site is marked "No Parking 2AM to 4AM" and although there are several RVs parked here, and it is probably safe to nite camp, we do not like to push against those signs.

We had just taken off down the road a bit, when we spotted The Del, all lit up with decorative lights up to its roof top! Wow, we were so taken by this sight, that we missed our turn and found a great nite camp just a block or so east of The Del ! We parked, and then took the pic below of The Del at nite with its lights so magnificent. Mr. Sony Mavica tried hard to capture The Del's nite beauty ! But it is a tough pic to take at nite! Did Mr. Mavica do good? Hmmmm?

Latitude: N32 40.93 Longitude: W117 10.51


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Thursday, December 25, 2003

It is not all sweetness and light in San Diego. Somedays, as in the pic below, it is dark and stormy. We are on Shelter Island, which is a good place to be when the wind is blowing.

The Team has been working hard all day long, in our own special way. George stayed in his PJs until almost noon! But he was working hard, while sitting in front of the computer all morning long! George found a tiny bit of water coming in the area of the forward cabover window. He now wants to replace all five cabover clearance lights with a model of light that is engineered not to leak.

We made supper camp at the location in the pic above at Shelter Island. If the wind continues to gust like it is right now, we will likely move inland a bit for supper. BTW, supper tonite is grilled salmon with a butter dipping sauce, brussell sprouts sauteed in butter with garlic, cheese tortellini, and a dinner salad w/3,000 Island Dressing.

Information Tidbit: We just checked our propane useage for December which is $47 for the month. Not bad for December. Of course, we were in San Diego all month long., and it so warm here. Nevertheless, we are happy with this $amount$.

Later on that evening, George checked the window leak again. He found out that it was NOT a leak, but condensation forming on the window and frame. The vent and cabover windows in the front were closed. When we opened them a crack, the water evaporated away! We are so hoppy about that!

We stayed right where we were for supper camp, and made nite camp. We are just a block from San Diego Bay, and can hear the fog horns in the distance!

Before The Team goes to sleep, we want to say that we hope that each and everyone of you got a nice Christmas present. We feel so lucky to be able to be writing to you thru this Wonderful Blog!

Good nite, everybody!

Latitude: N32 43.45' Longitude: W117 13.73'


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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

At 7AM, George climbed on Mr. Trek, and together with Mr. Sony Mavica, the three went off to find adventure by revisiting Balboa Park. They first came to Cabrillo Bridge. The pic below shows George looking from the Bridge toward downtown San Diego!

Where Cabrillo Bridge comes into the first courtyard, is the Museum of Man. In the pic below, George checks to see if the door is open. It wasn't! The artwork on the entrance is beautiful !

Did you know that Shakespeare's plays are performed in the Park? Here is a wonderful tribute to Shakespeare, on which is chiseled:
"So long as men can breathe or eyes see - so long lives this and gives life to thee!"
We love these words!

George checks out, what's playing. "As You Like It." Also, "Antony and Cleopatra."

In the central courtyard is a huge sculpture. Yesterday we thought this sculpture was Balboa on his horse. It actually is a terrific piece of artwork titled, "El Cid Campeador" by Ann Huntington and is dated 1930.

In the pic below, it looks like George is trying to talk to the statue!

This last pic of Balboa Park, shows George & Mr. Trek about to leave the park the way we came in. They are looking across the main courtyard toward Cabrillo Bridge. You can just barely see George at the lower right.

Hello to all of our beloved Readers out there!
Ms. Tioga
Mr. Sony Mavica
Mr. Chips
Mr. Sunny
Mr. DataStorm
Mr. Dometic
Mr. DeLorme
Mr. Levelers
Mr. Wave-6
Mr. Trek
Mr. Onan

....and especially from me, George the Driver!

All of us on the TiogaRV Adventure Team want to wish everyone of you a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!!

2003 was the very best year in our life! We pray that 2004 will be the very best year for all of you out there!!

Tonite, we will bake our first batch of chocolate chip cookies on board, and we will save a few for YOU!

Bye for now!

11pm, time for baking! In the pic below, Mr. Sony Mavica catches George mixing his very first batch of cookies made in Ms. Tioga's kitchen! They are chocolate chip cookies, and a special recipe too. Oh my, it is so hard for George to keep his finger out of the cookie bowl !! George is crazy for the cookie mixture before the flour gets mixed in. George says, "That is soooo Good!"

Below is a pic of the 54 cookies that remained after George wolfed down six of them and who knows how many cookies' worth of the dough!! George is SOOO bad!

We made nite camp behind a Ford dealership, at the northeast corner of Mission Bay.

Latitude: N32 48.93' Longitude: W117 13.13'


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