Wednesday, December 24, 2003

At 7AM, George climbed on Mr. Trek, and together with Mr. Sony Mavica, the three went off to find adventure by revisiting Balboa Park. They first came to Cabrillo Bridge. The pic below shows George looking from the Bridge toward downtown San Diego!

Where Cabrillo Bridge comes into the first courtyard, is the Museum of Man. In the pic below, George checks to see if the door is open. It wasn't! The artwork on the entrance is beautiful !

Did you know that Shakespeare's plays are performed in the Park? Here is a wonderful tribute to Shakespeare, on which is chiseled:
"So long as men can breathe or eyes see - so long lives this and gives life to thee!"
We love these words!

George checks out, what's playing. "As You Like It." Also, "Antony and Cleopatra."

In the central courtyard is a huge sculpture. Yesterday we thought this sculpture was Balboa on his horse. It actually is a terrific piece of artwork titled, "El Cid Campeador" by Ann Huntington and is dated 1930.

In the pic below, it looks like George is trying to talk to the statue!

This last pic of Balboa Park, shows George & Mr. Trek about to leave the park the way we came in. They are looking across the main courtyard toward Cabrillo Bridge. You can just barely see George at the lower right.

Hello to all of our beloved Readers out there!
Ms. Tioga
Mr. Sony Mavica
Mr. Chips
Mr. Sunny
Mr. DataStorm
Mr. Dometic
Mr. DeLorme
Mr. Levelers
Mr. Wave-6
Mr. Trek
Mr. Onan

....and especially from me, George the Driver!

All of us on the TiogaRV Adventure Team want to wish everyone of you a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!!

2003 was the very best year in our life! We pray that 2004 will be the very best year for all of you out there!!

Tonite, we will bake our first batch of chocolate chip cookies on board, and we will save a few for YOU!

Bye for now!

11pm, time for baking! In the pic below, Mr. Sony Mavica catches George mixing his very first batch of cookies made in Ms. Tioga's kitchen! They are chocolate chip cookies, and a special recipe too. Oh my, it is so hard for George to keep his finger out of the cookie bowl !! George is crazy for the cookie mixture before the flour gets mixed in. George says, "That is soooo Good!"

Below is a pic of the 54 cookies that remained after George wolfed down six of them and who knows how many cookies' worth of the dough!! George is SOOO bad!

We made nite camp behind a Ford dealership, at the northeast corner of Mission Bay.

Latitude: N32 48.93' Longitude: W117 13.13'


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