Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Early this morning, 4:30AM, we started out for Balboa Park. We first visited here on December 11th, and hardly saw anything because most exhibits had entrance fees that we did not want to afford. However, one of our kind readers mentioned "Free Tuesdays In The Park" and we tuned into that website. So, we are back on Tuesday for, as Poor Richard says, "A penny saved is a penny earned!" BTW, we love to travel thru big cities early in the morning, before rush hour traffic!

Balboa Park is a remarkably beautiful and very different place. As we enter the park, we travel over the Cabrillo Bridge, which appears like a moat bridge for a castle. The buildings ahead remind us of a castle. These buildings, were made for the 1915 Panama-California Exposition. We drive thru archways and courtyards into a main plaza enclosed on three sides with very old looking buildings with church like towers. There is a huge statue of a man on horseback with a drawn sword. Is this Balboa himself, riding thru the park?

We parked and George determined this would be a nice time and place to do some maintenance. In the pic below, George is underneath Ms. Tioga in order to remount Mr. Leveler's rear jack. The rear jacks were mounted incorrectly, and George is fixing that mistake!

George returned from the "San Diego Aerospace Museum" so excited! He had this to say, "The aviation collection is the most fantastic museum that I have ever visited. I have only one word for it, Overwhelming! I am going back now with Mr. Mavica to take some pics!"

People who know George's love of the P51 Mustang, understand why this pic of the Rolls-Royce Merlin Engine is so fantastic!

George poses with Donald Douglas, founder of The Douglas Aircraft Company!

We also looked at the Automotive and Sports Museums. Did you know that the great baseball player, Ted Williams, came from San Diego? George watched a history of Ted Williams' baseball career in the Sports Museum. We stayed in Balboa Park until after 10PM, then left and made nite camp in a neighborhood just outside the park.

Latitude: N32 43.96' Longitude: W117 9.74'


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