Monday, December 29, 2003

George, Mr. Trek and Mr. Sony Mavica went for a ride early this morning. We went south, along a spit of land that led us to the Naval Amphibious Station. Just before this station, is a little park with a playground, and in the playground is a swing! George cannot resist a swing. Below is George swinging.

We continued south and came upon one of the Navy's physical training areas. There were some bombed out aircraft and vehicles scattered about and also, the training devices; hanging ropes and ladder like obstacles used to maximize the training activity conducted here. Below is a pic of George looking across the highway at the training area.

George has been up on the roof much of the morning, working on Mr. DataStorm who is having some problems moving! It got so cold up there, and the day is so grey and chilly too. So, George went inside Ms. Tioga, cranked up Mr. Wave6 our catalytic heater and made a bowl of minnestrone soup. It is so warm and toasty in here, you would not believe! We are watching a movie on TV!! :)

BTW, Ms. Tioga wants to send a special hello to "Danita Ortowski" who is a new reader of the Blog! Danita is in the 3rd grade, and is going to share the Tioga and George Adventure with her fellow students in school. Hi Danita, we love you!

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