Saturday, December 27, 2003

George poked around on the computer for about an hour until about 7AM and he made an "Index Page", located at the top right of the Blog, in order for readers to more easily find the pages that he makes. Then we drove up to the North end of Coronado Island. This Coronado is a beautiful place.

There is an optical illusion that we are actually in San Diego. This appears this way, because the buildings in downtown San Diego are so tall, that they seem closer than they really are. It is as if these tall downtown San Diego buildings are in Coronado. Wow! In the pic below, you may see that the Bay is actually between us on Coronado and downtown San Diego!

We made breakfast camp in a park in northeast Coronado. Directly out of Ms. Tioga's computer station window, we see the Hwy 75 Coronado Bridge. In the pic below, Ms. Tioga, Mr. Trek, Mr. DataStorm and George take a peek at the view of the Coronado Bridge from this lovely park!

Mr. Sony Mavica, Mr Trek and George went on a very nice bike ride this afternoon, all over North Coronado. You will just love this Coronado! It is filled with lovely stores that are not only beautiful, but fun to shop in too! Again we all heard the sound of many languages, as we walked along. Visitors from all over the World come to visit here.


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