Tuesday, December 30, 2003

It is 6:47AM, and the sun is supposed to rise in a few minutes. The clouds are out, and it looks like rain!

We are heading South toward Imperial Beach. We are on Hwy 75, across the road from the bike path where yesterday we took the pic of the Naval Training Range. The pic below has George standing at the edge of the field where the training takes place. This is much closer than our yesterday pic.

We can only imagine the trials that military people endure on this training field!! It has been over 43 years since George trained in the Army on a field like this one. George says, "This place looks a lot more rugged than where I trained at Fort Ord!" In the pic below, George scans this place.

No rain so far! :) We have driven down the "Silver Strand", a strip of land between Coronado Island and Imperial Beach that sometimes is only 1,000 feet wide. The Pacific Ocean was on our right and San Diego Bay on our left as we drove South. In Imperial Beach, we are going shopping for groceries and stuff. At this point, we are only five miles from the Mexican Border!

We shopped at a terrific grocery, "Wally's IGA" because we did not want to cross the Vons picket line. We washed clothes at a LaundroMat here in Imperial Beach, then drove straight down the road and parked in the parking lot of the Public Works Department for the City of Imperial Beach!

We know, we know, we have a lot of nerve to park here. But it is a perfect place, level and secluded. San Diego Bay is just a couple hundred yards away!

When we drove into this lot, a big pre-New Year's fireworks display was going on across the Bay, in the vicinity of Chula Vista, Mr. Mavica and George rushed out to take some pics. George held Mr. Mavica up over the fence so that Mr. Mavica could see everything and snap pics furiously.

Mr. Mavica got one excellent fireworks pic. What do you readers think? Is this an excellent firework pic below? If it is, write Mr. Mavica an email. You do know that every member of the TiogaRV Team has their own email address. You didn't know that? Click on the "Index Page" link at the right/top of this page, and you will see the link for our email addresses, OK?

We made supper and nite camp in The Department of Public Works parking lot. We are so brave!

Message from Mr. Sony Mavica to all TiogaRV Readers out there:

Hi everybody! This is Mr. Sony Mavica. Just yesterday, George put up this sign on Mr. Dometic's refrigerator door:

"No More Carbs Or Sweets Until Monday, January 5th, 2004.
Signed, George S. Lehrer"

This morning, George ate every cookie from his cookie bowl, about (10) cookies! Later that afternoon, George finished all of the corn chips. This evening for supper, George ate potatoes and cheese tortellini!! Do these foods sound like carbs and sweets to you readers?

George now has a replacement sign, which states:

" George Lehrer will perform the Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise Plan every single morning!"

What do you readers think about George's wavering here? Please write George and tell him what you think, OK?

Thank you,
Mr. Sony Mavica

Latitude: N32 35.35 Longitude: W117 6.71


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