Sunday, December 28, 2003

It is a bit after 3PM, and The Team is parked at the edge of the beach of the Pacific Ocean. In the pic below, George looks at the view down the road from on top of Ms. Tioga. Can you see The Del in the distance? To right of this pic, do you see the low hills? Several miles south of these hills, is the Nation of Mexico! Is Mexico calling the TiogaRV Team?

Below is a pic of the same site as above, except looking west. From up on the roof of Ms. Tioga, we are able to see the sweep of the coastline of Coronado Island. Wow!

Below is another pic of The Hotel Del Coronado, from further up the beach. What a special place The Del is!

George says goodbye to Sunday on Coronado Island!

George is working on a method of putting things that he sees along the road, into a data file that will be accessible to readers. He was working on it all morning. George's son David is helping with the technical part of this project. George hopes to have a method for readers to search on our own database.

For example, if you are looking for an RV Dump in Contra Costa County, California; you will be able to find it. Of course the things available, will only be the things that George has seen, or knows about. The Team is very excited about this new project!

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