Friday, December 26, 2003

It is just past 7AM and we have crossed the Hwy 75 Bridge and are in Coronado, near the gigantic North Island Naval Air Station. We may be on this island for a few days. There is a lot to explore. Wow!

Yesterday's storm is gone, and it is a bright and sunshiny day! A lot of wind though!

A bit after lunch, George & Mr. Sony Mavica climbed aboard Mr. Trek and pedaled along the boulevard to the Hotel Del Coronado. Some call it the Hotel Del. Some, just The Del. All know what that means. What it means is a Price Range: From $207.08 to $334.80, and that is from an online discount site.

The Del is opulent. It is magnificent. It is very huge. George and Mr. Mavica walked a 1/4 mile up the beach before we could bring the entire Del into Mr. Mavica's lens!

Everything about the Del is history. A photo on the wall in the bar pictures Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt during their stay here. Errol Flynn hangs on the wall nearby. At the rear of The Del, is the Pacific Ocean. A very clean wide beach extends out from the Del's walkway. George kneels on a walkway in the pic below.

Ms. Tioga is a haven, a sanctuary, a castle !

This morning as we were preparing to leave our Shelter Island nite camp site, a lady walked by Ms. Tioga. It was still early morning, during the 6 o'clock hour, and the wind was blowing and it was drizzling too. She was middle aged, and carried a small duffle bag. She had wrapped her body in a sheet of plastic in order to ward off the cold and wet of last nite. We see the people everywhere. Many have nothing. That is why we on The Team feel that Ms. Tioga is a haven, a sanctuary, a castle. We have sooo much compared to many others!!

It is after 11PM and we are moving from our supper camp site west to the residential neighborhood where we camped this morning. Our supper camp site is marked "No Parking 2AM to 4AM" and although there are several RVs parked here, and it is probably safe to nite camp, we do not like to push against those signs.

We had just taken off down the road a bit, when we spotted The Del, all lit up with decorative lights up to its roof top! Wow, we were so taken by this sight, that we missed our turn and found a great nite camp just a block or so east of The Del ! We parked, and then took the pic below of The Del at nite with its lights so magnificent. Mr. Sony Mavica tried hard to capture The Del's nite beauty ! But it is a tough pic to take at nite! Did Mr. Mavica do good? Hmmmm?

Latitude: N32 40.93 Longitude: W117 10.51


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