Saturday, December 06, 2003

It is a little bit before 7am and time for George's flower walk. Here in Dana Point, California, the "fog has crept in on little cat's feet." The fog horns sound in the distance. The entire Team loves all of this! George says that he is going to take some pics of Ms. Tioga in the fog!

George came back from his flower walk with lovely flowers, and even one tiny pink rose ! The fog has lifted a bit in the promised pic below. But the sun should be high in the sky, and it is still behind the mist. You must use your imagination as to how it looked when the fog was near the ground, OK?

We are in Encinitas, home of the Self-Realization Fellowship begun by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1937. Pete of Berkeley suggested that George visit this place. The first thing we saw approaching the Fellowship, were the Golden Lotus Towers off of Pacific Coast Highway.

The grounds are open in the Meditation Garden, which is a special place. Below is a pic of George above a pool of colorful very large friendly fish. The garden is so wonderful !

There is no doubt that this place of meditation is close to heaven. In the pic below, George stands in one of the many meditation places of the garden, looking out to sea. You can see the sky opening up before us in the pic below.

There is a Christmas parade and festival down below where we are parked, and George is going down to see what he can see. When George was watching the parade, there was a pizza joint right behind him. George was going to eat roast beast tonite, but the fragrance of the pizza got the best of him and he bought a wonderful slice.

We made nite camp on the hill above the Pacific Coast Highway in Encinitas and just around the corner from the Self-Realization Fellowship. Just to the west of us, is the Pacific Ocean.

Latitude: N33 2.25' Longitude: W117 17.68'


Nite Camp Location

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  1. This site now has "no recreational vehicles" signs 10pm -6am.