Thursday, December 25, 2003

It is not all sweetness and light in San Diego. Somedays, as in the pic below, it is dark and stormy. We are on Shelter Island, which is a good place to be when the wind is blowing.

The Team has been working hard all day long, in our own special way. George stayed in his PJs until almost noon! But he was working hard, while sitting in front of the computer all morning long! George found a tiny bit of water coming in the area of the forward cabover window. He now wants to replace all five cabover clearance lights with a model of light that is engineered not to leak.

We made supper camp at the location in the pic above at Shelter Island. If the wind continues to gust like it is right now, we will likely move inland a bit for supper. BTW, supper tonite is grilled salmon with a butter dipping sauce, brussell sprouts sauteed in butter with garlic, cheese tortellini, and a dinner salad w/3,000 Island Dressing.

Information Tidbit: We just checked our propane useage for December which is $47 for the month. Not bad for December. Of course, we were in San Diego all month long., and it so warm here. Nevertheless, we are happy with this $amount$.

Later on that evening, George checked the window leak again. He found out that it was NOT a leak, but condensation forming on the window and frame. The vent and cabover windows in the front were closed. When we opened them a crack, the water evaporated away! We are so hoppy about that!

We stayed right where we were for supper camp, and made nite camp. We are just a block from San Diego Bay, and can hear the fog horns in the distance!

Before The Team goes to sleep, we want to say that we hope that each and everyone of you got a nice Christmas present. We feel so lucky to be able to be writing to you thru this Wonderful Blog!

Good nite, everybody!

Latitude: N32 43.45' Longitude: W117 13.73'


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