Saturday, January 31, 2004

Why is living fulltime in Ms. Tioga so terrific?!!

Because everywhere that Ms. Tioga goes is HOME!
This means that when we come out of the Safeway Grocery, OUR HOME, Ms. Tioga, is waiting right across the parking lot!

Anywhere that we park, we are HOME ! Anywhere! Wow!! Think about that!! Man Alive, 95! That is soooo terrific!

In the pic below, George and Mr. Trek are taking off to buy some fruit for breakfast at Albertson's Grocery. Mr. Mavica is staying behind so that there will be room for groceries in George's backpack!

On the way to the Albertson's Grocery we found "Chula Vista RV" right around the corner from our Nite Camp site. After our late breakfast, George is going back to this cute little company and we will take all of you along to see what we can see. We are eating breakfast late today! But who cares?!

The pic below is George standing in front of Chula Vista RV. Unfortunately, this wonderful little RV store closed at 12 noon today! However, we want to recommend Chula Vista RV for parts and repairs. Harold Jacobsen, the owner, is a remarkable fellow. A trustworthy and capable person! Chula Vista RV is located at 679 Broadway.

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Friday, January 30, 2004

Hi Everybody! It is now after 6PM on Friday! We have not been able to use Mr. Chips all day long. One problem with Mr. Chips led to another problem. Tons of his software had to be reinstalled. George is exhausted, and the entire Team had a hard time too. Wow!

In the pic below, you see that Mr. Chips' Computer Screen is back in operation again!! What a time we had.

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Thursday, January 29, 2004

It's been close to 50 years since George last worked on a carburetor, and that was on Uncle Seymour's 1934 Ford. George still remembers somethings though. A sparkplug should not look black, for example. That means the engine is running rich? Hmmm? So George closed down a carburetor jet on Mr. Onan, and Mr. Onan ran much faster. George thought that this was a good thing! Since then, Mr. Onan has not been shutting his engine by himself anymore. Below is George saying good morning to Mr. Onan!

Note to Everybody!
Mr. Chips, our Team Computer, is having major problems with his system board to hard drive connection. It will not stay properly connected. We are returning to the San Diego to have a professional look at the problem.

Bye for now,

Hi Everybody! :)

It is now 1AM in the morning on Friday. This has been a bit of a tough day for Mr. Chips, our wonderful Team Computer! Mr. Chips has two 40mb hard drives. The secondary drive went out, and we replaced it. Upon replacing this hard drive, we found out that Mr. Chips' floppy drive (that is not too floppy), went out too. So we replaced that drive.

However, that was not all. After that, we found out that the CD-ROM drive was bad too. We were not sure about the CD-ROM Drive. But we could not access this drive, and so we bought a new CD-R/RW drive. We needed a CD Burner anyway!

Would you believe, that when we got this CD Burner drive installed, our system would not see it! Wow! This has been a hard, hard day for poor Mr. Chips. BTW, George is a bit burned out too.

We wanted to make tracks for Rosarito Beach last evening, but now we will wait for the computer store in Chula Vista to reopen in the morning so that they can check out why Mr. Chips cannot see the new CD Burner.

George is so wound up by all of these goings on, that he cannot sleep. This will probably mean that Friday will be a big time nap day for that Old Guy! Lord have mercy!

Now that you have heard all of the bad stuff, here is the good stuff. Mr. Chips is now booting up like his old self again!! Apparently his secondary hard drive had been trying to crash for months. Old George thought that the problem was a bad cable, but that was wrong. It was the secondary hard drive, all along! Now with both hard drives working 100%, bootup and seek times are terrific!

We have also learned somethings about backups. We luckily had everything backed up and it was a pretty current backup too. However, our accounting system was not backed up on both hard drives. So we lost all current accounting data! Wow?! That Old George goofed again! Is his face red!!

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Hi Everybody! :)

No pics today! Just a little thinking about working life here in Rosarito Beach, Mexico.

George bikes everyday, all over this little town. He talks to many people and asks the same questions. Why are things so hard here in Rosarito Beach? Why is the pay so low?

A bank guard told George that he works 60 hours each week, and his pay for the week is $40US. This bank guard said, "Perhaps it is our government that is the reason why things are so bad here for the working people." George asked the bank guard why he worked this job? "Somebody has to do it", said the bank guard.

A waiter told George that his pay is only 40(US) cents/hour. He said, "I depend on tips, or I would starve to death." This waiter earned $3,000US last year, including his tips. "That is more than most of my friends earn", he said. This waiter worked six days a week, 10 hours/day.

A grocery clerk at Calimax, a large Mexican grocery chain told George that he worked 48 hours/week and only one day off each week. "My pay is $50US/week. My rent is $1,000 pesos/month ($94US).

Yet, thru all of this hard life, these people tough it out. They know simple pleasures. Visting the beach with the family for example. It costs no money. George talks to people along the beach. Wives wait while husbands fish for food or hunt for clams. This is not "for fun" fishing or clam hunting. It is to survive.

Thru all of this, people are laughing and having a great time on the beach. George hears no complaints when he talks with the people of Rosarito Beach. Life here is poor, but it is good too.

That is why George loves this little Rosarito Beach!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

George spent the entire morning and part of the afternoon disassembling Mr. Sunny's Battery Bank so that it could be cleaned. We had not done this cleaning since the bank was installed last year. What a job!

In the first pic below, George looks at the StowAway Batteries standing on the table after they have been cleaned and checked! The 2nd pic below is George cleaning the floor underneath the battery bank.

It is 1:30pm and George is starving. Mr. Trek, Mr. Mavica and George are going up to Manuel's Taco Stand. We will take a pic of what we bought and show you when we return, OK?

It is now late in the afternoon, and we are back from Manuel's Tacos. Here are two pics, one with George laughing because the cooks in Manuel's were making him laugh. Look at those two wonderful tacos and a nice Pepsi for $27 pesos ($2.55US). The pic below that is a shot of the cook roasting the meat in their special open oven.

When George woke up from his afternoon siesta, this is what he saw outside the bedroom window! Wow!

Oh yes, we forgot to mention that we also drove on Mr. Trek to Gobierno Central, Government Center and filled out an application for our Six-Month Tourist Visa. It is necessary to go to a bank to pay the fee, $213 pesos ($20US). Tomorrow we will take the bank endorsed application back to Gobierno Central and get our tourist visa. I believe that they will also endorse our USA Passport.

George feels like another batch of chocolate chip cookies are in the preliminary thought process of preparation. You all know what THAT means!! Cookies tonite!

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Monday, January 26, 2004

It is a spectacular morning here in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. In the pic below, George warms up for his early morning trot! :) George does not run anymore! George does not jog anymore! These things are hard on the knees and feet. We do not want to worry our knees and feet anymore!!

During the late afternoon, George came out on the playa (beach) for a siesta! Then some horses came by to say hello! There are many things happening on La Playa!

NOTE: We receive lots of email everyday, and reply to every single email. Just recently, our webhost's spam and email filters have begun to send thru dozens of weird emails daily. We do NOT open these emails, and they are simply deleted.

If you do not receive a reply from The Team, you may wish to resend your email. It makes us feel bad to delete emails, but there is nothing that we can do.

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Sunday, January 25, 2004

There is something that reader friends may not appreciate about the people who live in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. Let me explain with a little story about yesterday afternoon at the tiny tortilleria (Tortilla store).

We paid for the kilogram of tortillas at the Tiny Tortilleria, with a $50 peso bill. $50 pesos is $4.72US. The clerk did not have enough change in the register for me. We have noticed this change problem before in stores. The reason for this is that people do not carry that much money when they shop. $5US is a lot of money in Rosarito Beach.

When we paid for groceries last week at Waldos Mart with a $200 peso note, the clerk had to gather our change from three other registers. This is a VERY important clue for reader friends in order to understand the people of Rosarito Beach, Mexico. There is a huge gulf between the people who live Rosarito Beach, Mexico and the people of the United States. We from the United States may find it almost impossible to perceive how HUGE that $money$ gulf is down here.

The people who work in the Tiny Tortilleria earn about $40/week. They work six days a week and 10 hours/day. So they are earning less than 70 cents US/hour!!

During the early afternoon, George climbed on Mr. Trek and went with Mr. Sony Mavica to look for the Sunday swap meet. But the Sunday Swap meet had been rained out. A few blocks further on however, was a Farmer's Market like assortment of little sellers. George walked thru there and bought some tomatoes, eggs and camarones (shrimp).

In the pic below, we see George with Leonardo, owner of the fish store where George bought his shrimp.

George shows off his magnificent buys! There are 30 eggs which George paid $27 pesos ($2.55US)!! That's only 8.5 cents US/egg. The Roma Tomatoes cost $5 pesos (47 cents US). The camarones (shrimp) cost $10 pesos (94 cents US). Can you imagine?? 94 cents for all these fresh shrimp!!

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Saturday, January 24, 2004

We are SOOOO happy to be back in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. There is something special about this place, and it must be the people! The people here are happy. They are calm. They are having fun with their families. They buy hot Corn-On-The-Cob from the vendor on the beach. The kids run around near the surf.

In the pic below, George looks at the Pacific Ocean! Ms. Tioga relaxes after her Journey Back to Rosarito Beach!

We went for a bike ride along Blvd. Benito Juarez, and came upon Tacos Manuel, wow!!

Eating at a Rosarito Beach taco stand is different. They trust you to take the food, eat it, and then return and tell them what you ate!! THEN, you pay, WOW! And it works too!

George ordered one taco, with a delicious beef filling. Guess how much? $90 pesos=85 cents!!

When we arrived home, the sky was so nice! We took this early evening pic.

Look at the kilogram of tortillas that we bought fresh from the tortilla store. In the pic below, is a kilo of corn tortillas made only minutes before we bought them. This one kilogram stack of corn tortillas cost only $8Pesos, or 75 cents!!

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Friday, January 23, 2004

Everybody on The TiogaRV Team wants to tell every single one of our readers that..."We Love You!"

After breakfast, we will go over to San Diego Electric on University Avenue to buy a new Double Pole-Double Throw electric switch. This is the switch that directs our power from either shore or generator. It has been very shaky lately, and we want a new one before we return to Mexico.

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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Good Morning Everybody! One of the Blog Readers, chided us today because Mr. Onan did not have an email address like the rest of The Team Members, and we had never taken a closeup pic of Mr. Onan either. Well, this morning that has all been taken care of, and we want everybody out there to say, "Hi, Mr. Onan!"

During the afternoon, we had some business to take care of on San Diego Mission Drive. Guess what is on this road? If you guessed The San Diego Mission, you are right on. Of course we had to stop and see Father Serra's very first Mission in Alta California! In the pic below, George looks up at the Mission.

We made supper camp back at our old haunt on Mission Bay near the Belmont Park Roller Coaster. George ate a GIGANTIC supper with his favorite, "Twice Fried Chicken" AND "Grilled Salmon Steak" with a butter dipping sauce. Wow, those kilos grow! :)

We are yearning (aching?) to get back to Rosarito Beach. We might have supper with one of our fellow DataStormers Friday evening, so we are sticking around San Diego. But after that, zoom right back across the border! Hasta La Vista, America!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Hi Everybody! :)

I want to introduce you to two good friends in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. In the pic below, is Mommy Babe and her little puppy Oso (Bear). Babe and Little Oso live in the home alongside where The Team is parked.

This morning, after breakfast, we will travel up to the International Border and cross over into California. We have some things to pick up, and things to do in the San Diego area. We will return to Rosarito Beach, Mexico, in a few days.

We hope that the United States Border Inspection does not take our plants and food. But they will do what they will do!

In the pic below, is the fabulous view from George's Office Window. The tide is coming in to wash the beach clean. We are going to leave in a few minutes, to return to the United States!

We are getting very close to the US Border Inspection. We are about 100 yards from the Inspector. Wow, is it crowded, yet this is very light traffic compared to heavy times. The three pics below are what it looks like approaching the Inspection Station.

The Border Inspector sent us for a secondary inspection because we had food aboard Ms. Tioga. The Inspector could have taken our three plants, all of which were gifts. But we got lucky with a nice Inspector lady, and she let us go and took only 2-avocados, an orange and all of our potatoes!

We are in San Diego now. In the pic below, Mr. Sony Mavica catches George working on Mr. Onan our famous generator. It is getting so dark!

One of our Blog readers asked about prices down in Rosarito Beach, Mexico! Here are some prices from our notes in the Calimax Grocery Store:

Milk $29.50 pesos per gallon = $2.78/gallon
Boneless chicken breasts $42.90 pesos/kilo=$1.83US/pound Wow!
18 AA Large Eggs $19.55 pesos=$1.22US/dozen
Roma tomatoes $7.30 pesos/kg=$0.31US/lb.
Avocados 4-large Haas $10 pesos/kilo= $0.94US for (4) Haas avocados !!!!
Bananas $9.45/kg=$0.41US/lb.
Gasoline $50.90 pesos/liter (87 octane)=$1.27US/gallon

If I have made any arithmetical errors above, forgive me, OK? Arithmetic has never been strong for me!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

One of our readers wrote asking to get George out of the pics once in awhile. This will be that one pic where George is absent. Wow! This is no fun? Where is George?! In the pic below, is a lovely Rosarito Beach sunset from the back of where Ms. Tioga is parked.

Tomorrow we will return to San Diego for a few days. Then, we will come back to Rosarito Beach! :)

Guess what we have spent per day here in Rosarito Beach, since we arrived last Thursday? Only $300 pesos! That's about $28US !! Only $4US/day ! Wow! Double Wow!! We did bring food from San Diego here, but even so, it is very cheap to live in Rosarito!

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Monday, January 19, 2004

I never was a farm boy. Living here in Rosarito, Mexico, makes me wish I had. There is something so comforting hearing the first rooster of the morning crow. Add that to the Ocean surf, soft and constant. I am soooo happy, you would not believe!

This morning when The Team awoke, it was High Tide! The Pacific Ocean came up to the Sea Wall with the water only one meter from Ms. Tioga's rear! Later, the tide has rushed out to sea again. It is a sunny day, a T-Shirt day. Almost a short pants day. In the pic below, George stands in front of an absolutely gorgeous beach and surf.

We cannot believe that The TiogaRV Team is rethinking our 2004 Trip Plan! But yes, it is true! We are thinking of returning to San Diego this Wednesday, and then coming back to Rosarito for a few months. Hmmmm? Are we really going to do this? Wow!

This afternoon, George, Mr. Mavica and Mr. Trek took a ride around Rosarito. We found Reuben's Fish Taco across the road from The Rosarito Hotel. What a grand visit we had there too. George was the only customer, because it was slack time in the middle of the afternoon. There were four waiters there, only one was working. Nobody spoke English, so George got to practice his Spanish! What a great time. Everybody was so friendly and the fish taco was fantastic!

Mr. Mavica took this great pic of everybody at Reuben's Fish Taco. We told the group to smile, but they didn't listen!

When we got back home to Ms. Tioga, it was late afternoon. It was a bit cold, and the clouds over the Pacific Ocean were gorgeous. Just as Mr. Mavica caught this scene of George looking out over the Ocean, a rider with a group of horses rode by. Wow!

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Sunday, January 18, 2004

It is an absolutely GORGEOUS Sunday afternoon on the Beach in Rosarito, Mexico. In the pic below, three young boys of Rosarito pose with George on the beach!

George and Mr. Mavica are now going ride on Mr. Trek up to Benito Juarez Blvd., to have lunch. We love to eat Mexican food! On the way to eat lunch, a few blocks from where we are camped there was a very large flea market in progress. George found a shirt that he liked, and negotiated a price of $22 pesos, about $2.08 !!

At the La EspeciaL restaurant, George ordered a Torta with carne asada. A Torta is a large sandwich on a bun with loads of BBQ beef, cheese, guacamole and salsa. Very delicious. Lunch cost $48 pesos plus a $10 peso tip. about $5.50 ! In the pic below, George waits with a big smile for his Torta to arrive!

When we arrived in Tijuana on Thursday, George bought $1,100 pesos. This evening we have $880 pesos remaining. So for four days, we used $220 pesos or $US20.75 for the entire four days!

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Saturday, January 17, 2004

There is no doubt that dogs (pajaritos) live the Good Life in Rosarito, Mexico. Dogs run free here. Dogs wear no collar, have no license dangling. Rosarito's dogs seem smarter to The Team. They have wise eyes, and are mostly playful and loving. Rosarito dogs know their place, and do not roam wildly about town. The doggies here, stick close to home.

In the pic below, are a few of George's dog friends, expecially Big Brown who is especially strong, loving and a real kiss dog. Big Brown loves to kiss George!

We went for a ride on Mr. Trek in the Northern part of Rosarito along Blvd. Benito Juarez.

Do you love to shop? Wow! Rosarito has lots of shops. From handmade doors to shops that sell fireworks. Machine shops to blacksmith shops. There are more pharmacies in one kilometer here in Rosarito, than you would see in a whole week in the USA.

George Learned A Lesson Along Blvd. Benito Juarez:

The destiny of Gloabalization, NAFTA and Free Trade is easy to perceive here on the Blvd. Benito Juarez in Rosarito, Mexico. There is a HUGE gulf between the rich and the poor here. When George took economics in college, he learned that there had to be a balance in the distribution of the wealth. There is no balance here in Rosarito. The City of Rosarito is a picture window view into the destiny of Globalization.

Mexican workers earn very little money, so they are very cheap to hire. George ate lunch in a new restaurant, "La EspeciaL". In this restaurant were six workers trying to keep busy. These six were trying to do the work of one or two people. Workers sweep already clean floors, in order to keep busy. Perhaps the main job of workers in Rosarito, is the job of trying to look busy!

Lunch was very cheap, by USA standards. A soft taco with a load of steak, a bowl of veggies, a mound of fresh guacamole, and a side of beans, 2 kinds of salsa AND a large bottle of Coca Cola for only $22 pesos or about $US2.20 !

In the pic below, George stands across the street from "La EspeciaL", the restaurant where he had lunch.

Below, George meets General Francisco (Pancho) Villa (1878-1923) on Blvd. Benito Juarez.

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Friday, January 16, 2004

Last nite was wonderful at our Rosarito Nite Camp! It is very quiet here, because the main road thru town is over 1/2 mile away. Hardly any traffic here at all. In the pic below, George and Ms. Tioga welcome the new day!

The weather here is so lovely. Even in the late evening, it is not very cold at all. BTW, have I mentioned that Mexico is heaven for the doggies that live here? None of them are leashed, and they seem very happy about that. The doggies seem to be very smart too. They look at George with wise eyes! In the pic below, a doggie friend of George talks about life here in Rosarito!

For the people who live in Rosarito, life seems to be very pleasant. If you are able to make enough $pesos$ to get by, you have it made. There is no rushing around, or traffic. I have the feeling that the people of Rosarito believe that if it is not broken, leave it alone! Anyway, I am getting to appreciate that belief and I have only been here one day!

Mr. Sony Mavica and George went for a bike ride around Rosarito with our mavelous bike, Mr. Trek! The main road thru Rosarito is Blvd. B. Juarez. In the pic below, George looks down Ave. Lazero Cardenas toward our campsite which is 1/2 mile away in the distance.

We looked at prices in the grocery. $US1.85 buys Eighteen large AA eggs. We would tell you other prices, but first we must convert from kilograms to pounds and then covert from pesos to dollars. Later for that. Restaurants are marvelous bargains too, only do not go into restaurants where the menus are converted to $US dollars. These places are not bargains!

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Thursday, January 15, 2004

We ate breakfast in Imperial Beach, only a few miles from the Mexican Border. This is SOOOO exciting. See you in Mexico!

We passed thru the Border check like a breeze! The sign said green, and the next thing you know we were in Mexico! The 1st thing we wanted to do was to buy pesos. We drove into Central Tijuana, and went thru the worst places! No problems though! I think that we must have gone past a 1000 places that will do auto body work, with guys outside frantically waving for us to pull over.

In the pic below, is the Giant Welcome to Tijuana Sign (Bienvenidos A Tijuana)

George found a bank ATM. He had no idea what would happen, but he asked for $100. What would come out? Pesos came out! Wow! So George asked for $1,000 more pesos. We think that's about US$100. In the pic below, George shows off his $Peso$ hoard!!

On the way to Rosarito, we stopped in a few neighborhoods alongside the main road. Nite Camping sites are everywhere! It does not appear right now, that we will have to pay one $peso$ to Nite Camp in Rosarito, or anywhere so far in Baja.

After lunch, we will explore Rosarito, take some pics, maybe do some shopping. George is going to make lunch, Mexican Food, what else?! Something with tortillas!

George walked down to the main street of Rosarito with Mr. Mavica. Across the road was Calimax, a popular grocery in Mexico, and George had to go in there and buy something. For only $1.85US George bought 4-rolls toilet paper, 2-beautiful Haas avocados and 2-Russet potatoes. Wow! In the pic below, George looks across the boulevard at the Calimax Grocery.

After browsing around the shops along the boulevard, we drove down to the beach. Somebody was having car troubles, and we offered to jump start their car. Afterwards, we were invited to park Senora Tioga in front of their home, which just happened to be right next to the beach. One of the neighbors walked by and we had a nice conversation in Spanish. In the pic below, George talks with Eddie the Neighbor and his baby Joshua. The three of us are sitting on a wall, and just beyond this wall is the beach.

We made Supper Camp and Nite Camp in front of the home of our new friends in Rosarito. George ate his favorite Twice Fried Chicken for supper!

It is a little after 11PM now. A little while ago George went out to stand at the wall that separates the beach from the road. It is an absolutely fabulous nite, with stars so bright!!

How in the World did we get so lucky as this? Wow! :)

Good nite everybody!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Todd from Digital Satellite arrived this morning to put the new mount on Mr. DataStorm. In the inset pic below, George stands with Todd as Mr. DataStorm beams with delight at his brand New Mount! :)

In la manana, El Grupo fuimos a dentro de Mexico. Vamos por un semana, y regresar en veinte uno de Enero.
Hasta la vista, Amigos!

For those of you who are not Spanish enabled--
In the morning The Team goes inside Mexico! We go for one week, and will return on January 21.

We will head down the Toll Road, to Rosarito Beach. Hopefully we will receive satellite transmission and we will send daily reports about our Mexican experience.

Fuimos a comprar veces que necessitamos ahora. Adios!


We go to buy things that we need now, Goodbye!


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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Mr. DataStorm's operation got postponed until Wednesday morning, when the installer phoned to say that he could not make today's appointment. So George and Mr. Mavica took a walk out to the beach to see what was up! Look at all the people on the beach, even in the water. Oh my!

During the afternoon at Mission Bay Park, the Sun came out and it was T-Shirt Time again. George painted and put the plastic back into the molding where the awning was removed. In the pic below, Mr. MotoSat's mount looks down at George touching up some caulking. Mr. MotoSat is sad, because his mount will be leaving The Team in the morning. Everybody on The Team reassured Mr. MotoSat that he would be fine!

This afternoon, George will treat himself to sushi at the Ichi Ban, at Pacific Beach. A reader suggested the Ichi Ban on 1/2 price Tuesdays! In the pic below, George eyes the Ichiban.

There is no 1/2 price Tuesday. Instead, there is very low price, very high quality sushi at the Ichiban. The menu had, for example, $7.75 for (14) pieces of mixed sushi . George ordered the Sashimi, for $9.75 included 6-tuna, 2-salmon, 4-halibut, 2-shrimp with nice sticky rice, miso soup and a wonderful tuna/cabbage salad, and a mixed green salad. Wow! Spectacular sushi! In the pic below, is one happy guy about to take off on his Ichiban experience!

If you love to go to restaurants, bars, neat joints, Pacific Beach is a place you will love! There is absolutely no end to the entertainment here from hole-in-the-wall cute ones, to large chain places. Pacific Beach has it all!

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