Tuesday, January 27, 2004

George spent the entire morning and part of the afternoon disassembling Mr. Sunny's Battery Bank so that it could be cleaned. We had not done this cleaning since the bank was installed last year. What a job!

In the first pic below, George looks at the StowAway Batteries standing on the table after they have been cleaned and checked! The 2nd pic below is George cleaning the floor underneath the battery bank.

It is 1:30pm and George is starving. Mr. Trek, Mr. Mavica and George are going up to Manuel's Taco Stand. We will take a pic of what we bought and show you when we return, OK?

It is now late in the afternoon, and we are back from Manuel's Tacos. Here are two pics, one with George laughing because the cooks in Manuel's were making him laugh. Look at those two wonderful tacos and a nice Pepsi for $27 pesos ($2.55US). The pic below that is a shot of the cook roasting the meat in their special open oven.

When George woke up from his afternoon siesta, this is what he saw outside the bedroom window! Wow!

Oh yes, we forgot to mention that we also drove on Mr. Trek to Gobierno Central, Government Center and filled out an application for our Six-Month Tourist Visa. It is necessary to go to a bank to pay the fee, $213 pesos ($20US). Tomorrow we will take the bank endorsed application back to Gobierno Central and get our tourist visa. I believe that they will also endorse our USA Passport.

George feels like another batch of chocolate chip cookies are in the preliminary thought process of preparation. You all know what THAT means!! Cookies tonite!

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