Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year!

George spent much of the day in vain, trying to put a link on his Old Blog site. We will have to wait for Blogger support to return from Holiday. What happened was, we over-ran our alotted space on Blogger's server. We have 50 megs on our own website, so we moved our Blog site to our web site. When we went back to our Old Blog site, to put a link to where we are now, being over the alotted space gave us an error. We could not publish on the Old Blog site anymore. We are very sad, because readers will think that we have not posted in a few days, when actually we did. Hummm?!

It is now sunset time in Imperial Beach. Have you readers noticed that Beautiful Sunsets seem to follow The TiogaRV Team around? Why is that? In the pic below, you can hardly see George and Ms. Tioga in the sunset light !

We made supper camp and nite camp in the location of the pic above! It is a very nice site too. Nice and quiet. There is a fellow in an ancient camper behind me. He has been inside his camper all day, only 8' long too. Wow! He has a puppy dog with him also. When I see people like this fellow behind me, I feel so fortunate, because Ms. Tioga is a palace!

Latitude: N32 34.99 Longitude: W117 6.70

Nite Camp Location Link

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