Thursday, January 22, 2004

Good Morning Everybody! One of the Blog Readers, chided us today because Mr. Onan did not have an email address like the rest of The Team Members, and we had never taken a closeup pic of Mr. Onan either. Well, this morning that has all been taken care of, and we want everybody out there to say, "Hi, Mr. Onan!"

During the afternoon, we had some business to take care of on San Diego Mission Drive. Guess what is on this road? If you guessed The San Diego Mission, you are right on. Of course we had to stop and see Father Serra's very first Mission in Alta California! In the pic below, George looks up at the Mission.

We made supper camp back at our old haunt on Mission Bay near the Belmont Park Roller Coaster. George ate a GIGANTIC supper with his favorite, "Twice Fried Chicken" AND "Grilled Salmon Steak" with a butter dipping sauce. Wow, those kilos grow! :)

We are yearning (aching?) to get back to Rosarito Beach. We might have supper with one of our fellow DataStormers Friday evening, so we are sticking around San Diego. But after that, zoom right back across the border! Hasta La Vista, America!

No Nite Camp link published for this day.

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