Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Hi Everybody! :)

I want to introduce you to two good friends in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. In the pic below, is Mommy Babe and her little puppy Oso (Bear). Babe and Little Oso live in the home alongside where The Team is parked.

This morning, after breakfast, we will travel up to the International Border and cross over into California. We have some things to pick up, and things to do in the San Diego area. We will return to Rosarito Beach, Mexico, in a few days.

We hope that the United States Border Inspection does not take our plants and food. But they will do what they will do!

In the pic below, is the fabulous view from George's Office Window. The tide is coming in to wash the beach clean. We are going to leave in a few minutes, to return to the United States!

We are getting very close to the US Border Inspection. We are about 100 yards from the Inspector. Wow, is it crowded, yet this is very light traffic compared to heavy times. The three pics below are what it looks like approaching the Inspection Station.

The Border Inspector sent us for a secondary inspection because we had food aboard Ms. Tioga. The Inspector could have taken our three plants, all of which were gifts. But we got lucky with a nice Inspector lady, and she let us go and took only 2-avocados, an orange and all of our potatoes!

We are in San Diego now. In the pic below, Mr. Sony Mavica catches George working on Mr. Onan our famous generator. It is getting so dark!

One of our Blog readers asked about prices down in Rosarito Beach, Mexico! Here are some prices from our notes in the Calimax Grocery Store:

Milk $29.50 pesos per gallon = $2.78/gallon
Boneless chicken breasts $42.90 pesos/kilo=$1.83US/pound Wow!
18 AA Large Eggs $19.55 pesos=$1.22US/dozen
Roma tomatoes $7.30 pesos/kg=$0.31US/lb.
Avocados 4-large Haas $10 pesos/kilo= $0.94US for (4) Haas avocados !!!!
Bananas $9.45/kg=$0.41US/lb.
Gasoline $50.90 pesos/liter (87 octane)=$1.27US/gallon

If I have made any arithmetical errors above, forgive me, OK? Arithmetic has never been strong for me!

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  1. The google map on this page is in Rosarito, not San Diego.

    I want those prices!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Greg! I'll remove that link right away.