Thursday, January 29, 2004

Hi Everybody! :)

No pics today! Just a little thinking about working life here in Rosarito Beach, Mexico.

George bikes everyday, all over this little town. He talks to many people and asks the same questions. Why are things so hard here in Rosarito Beach? Why is the pay so low?

A bank guard told George that he works 60 hours each week, and his pay for the week is $40US. This bank guard said, "Perhaps it is our government that is the reason why things are so bad here for the working people." George asked the bank guard why he worked this job? "Somebody has to do it", said the bank guard.

A waiter told George that his pay is only 40(US) cents/hour. He said, "I depend on tips, or I would starve to death." This waiter earned $3,000US last year, including his tips. "That is more than most of my friends earn", he said. This waiter worked six days a week, 10 hours/day.

A grocery clerk at Calimax, a large Mexican grocery chain told George that he worked 48 hours/week and only one day off each week. "My pay is $50US/week. My rent is $1,000 pesos/month ($94US).

Yet, thru all of this hard life, these people tough it out. They know simple pleasures. Visting the beach with the family for example. It costs no money. George talks to people along the beach. Wives wait while husbands fish for food or hunt for clams. This is not "for fun" fishing or clam hunting. It is to survive.

Thru all of this, people are laughing and having a great time on the beach. George hears no complaints when he talks with the people of Rosarito Beach. Life here is poor, but it is good too.

That is why George loves this little Rosarito Beach!

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