Monday, January 19, 2004

I never was a farm boy. Living here in Rosarito, Mexico, makes me wish I had. There is something so comforting hearing the first rooster of the morning crow. Add that to the Ocean surf, soft and constant. I am soooo happy, you would not believe!

This morning when The Team awoke, it was High Tide! The Pacific Ocean came up to the Sea Wall with the water only one meter from Ms. Tioga's rear! Later, the tide has rushed out to sea again. It is a sunny day, a T-Shirt day. Almost a short pants day. In the pic below, George stands in front of an absolutely gorgeous beach and surf.

We cannot believe that The TiogaRV Team is rethinking our 2004 Trip Plan! But yes, it is true! We are thinking of returning to San Diego this Wednesday, and then coming back to Rosarito for a few months. Hmmmm? Are we really going to do this? Wow!

This afternoon, George, Mr. Mavica and Mr. Trek took a ride around Rosarito. We found Reuben's Fish Taco across the road from The Rosarito Hotel. What a grand visit we had there too. George was the only customer, because it was slack time in the middle of the afternoon. There were four waiters there, only one was working. Nobody spoke English, so George got to practice his Spanish! What a great time. Everybody was so friendly and the fish taco was fantastic!

Mr. Mavica took this great pic of everybody at Reuben's Fish Taco. We told the group to smile, but they didn't listen!

When we got back home to Ms. Tioga, it was late afternoon. It was a bit cold, and the clouds over the Pacific Ocean were gorgeous. Just as Mr. Mavica caught this scene of George looking out over the Ocean, a rider with a group of horses rode by. Wow!

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