Thursday, January 29, 2004

It's been close to 50 years since George last worked on a carburetor, and that was on Uncle Seymour's 1934 Ford. George still remembers somethings though. A sparkplug should not look black, for example. That means the engine is running rich? Hmmm? So George closed down a carburetor jet on Mr. Onan, and Mr. Onan ran much faster. George thought that this was a good thing! Since then, Mr. Onan has not been shutting his engine by himself anymore. Below is George saying good morning to Mr. Onan!

Note to Everybody!
Mr. Chips, our Team Computer, is having major problems with his system board to hard drive connection. It will not stay properly connected. We are returning to the San Diego to have a professional look at the problem.

Bye for now,

Hi Everybody! :)

It is now 1AM in the morning on Friday. This has been a bit of a tough day for Mr. Chips, our wonderful Team Computer! Mr. Chips has two 40mb hard drives. The secondary drive went out, and we replaced it. Upon replacing this hard drive, we found out that Mr. Chips' floppy drive (that is not too floppy), went out too. So we replaced that drive.

However, that was not all. After that, we found out that the CD-ROM drive was bad too. We were not sure about the CD-ROM Drive. But we could not access this drive, and so we bought a new CD-R/RW drive. We needed a CD Burner anyway!

Would you believe, that when we got this CD Burner drive installed, our system would not see it! Wow! This has been a hard, hard day for poor Mr. Chips. BTW, George is a bit burned out too.

We wanted to make tracks for Rosarito Beach last evening, but now we will wait for the computer store in Chula Vista to reopen in the morning so that they can check out why Mr. Chips cannot see the new CD Burner.

George is so wound up by all of these goings on, that he cannot sleep. This will probably mean that Friday will be a big time nap day for that Old Guy! Lord have mercy!

Now that you have heard all of the bad stuff, here is the good stuff. Mr. Chips is now booting up like his old self again!! Apparently his secondary hard drive had been trying to crash for months. Old George thought that the problem was a bad cable, but that was wrong. It was the secondary hard drive, all along! Now with both hard drives working 100%, bootup and seek times are terrific!

We have also learned somethings about backups. We luckily had everything backed up and it was a pretty current backup too. However, our accounting system was not backed up on both hard drives. So we lost all current accounting data! Wow?! That Old George goofed again! Is his face red!!

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