Friday, January 16, 2004

Last nite was wonderful at our Rosarito Nite Camp! It is very quiet here, because the main road thru town is over 1/2 mile away. Hardly any traffic here at all. In the pic below, George and Ms. Tioga welcome the new day!

The weather here is so lovely. Even in the late evening, it is not very cold at all. BTW, have I mentioned that Mexico is heaven for the doggies that live here? None of them are leashed, and they seem very happy about that. The doggies seem to be very smart too. They look at George with wise eyes! In the pic below, a doggie friend of George talks about life here in Rosarito!

For the people who live in Rosarito, life seems to be very pleasant. If you are able to make enough $pesos$ to get by, you have it made. There is no rushing around, or traffic. I have the feeling that the people of Rosarito believe that if it is not broken, leave it alone! Anyway, I am getting to appreciate that belief and I have only been here one day!

Mr. Sony Mavica and George went for a bike ride around Rosarito with our mavelous bike, Mr. Trek! The main road thru Rosarito is Blvd. B. Juarez. In the pic below, George looks down Ave. Lazero Cardenas toward our campsite which is 1/2 mile away in the distance.

We looked at prices in the grocery. $US1.85 buys Eighteen large AA eggs. We would tell you other prices, but first we must convert from kilograms to pounds and then covert from pesos to dollars. Later for that. Restaurants are marvelous bargains too, only do not go into restaurants where the menus are converted to $US dollars. These places are not bargains!

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