Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Mr. DataStorm's operation got postponed until Wednesday morning, when the installer phoned to say that he could not make today's appointment. So George and Mr. Mavica took a walk out to the beach to see what was up! Look at all the people on the beach, even in the water. Oh my!

During the afternoon at Mission Bay Park, the Sun came out and it was T-Shirt Time again. George painted and put the plastic back into the molding where the awning was removed. In the pic below, Mr. MotoSat's mount looks down at George touching up some caulking. Mr. MotoSat is sad, because his mount will be leaving The Team in the morning. Everybody on The Team reassured Mr. MotoSat that he would be fine!

This afternoon, George will treat himself to sushi at the Ichi Ban, at Pacific Beach. A reader suggested the Ichi Ban on 1/2 price Tuesdays! In the pic below, George eyes the Ichiban.

There is no 1/2 price Tuesday. Instead, there is very low price, very high quality sushi at the Ichiban. The menu had, for example, $7.75 for (14) pieces of mixed sushi . George ordered the Sashimi, for $9.75 included 6-tuna, 2-salmon, 4-halibut, 2-shrimp with nice sticky rice, miso soup and a wonderful tuna/cabbage salad, and a mixed green salad. Wow! Spectacular sushi! In the pic below, is one happy guy about to take off on his Ichiban experience!

If you love to go to restaurants, bars, neat joints, Pacific Beach is a place you will love! There is absolutely no end to the entertainment here from hole-in-the-wall cute ones, to large chain places. Pacific Beach has it all!

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  1. Heh, you and me and the misses, we're sushi junkies. It's dangerous to take me to one of those conveyor sushi places.

    I always make it a goal to eat enough sushi to stack the plates higher than the conveyor belt :p.