Saturday, January 17, 2004

There is no doubt that dogs (pajaritos) live the Good Life in Rosarito, Mexico. Dogs run free here. Dogs wear no collar, have no license dangling. Rosarito's dogs seem smarter to The Team. They have wise eyes, and are mostly playful and loving. Rosarito dogs know their place, and do not roam wildly about town. The doggies here, stick close to home.

In the pic below, are a few of George's dog friends, expecially Big Brown who is especially strong, loving and a real kiss dog. Big Brown loves to kiss George!

We went for a ride on Mr. Trek in the Northern part of Rosarito along Blvd. Benito Juarez.

Do you love to shop? Wow! Rosarito has lots of shops. From handmade doors to shops that sell fireworks. Machine shops to blacksmith shops. There are more pharmacies in one kilometer here in Rosarito, than you would see in a whole week in the USA.

George Learned A Lesson Along Blvd. Benito Juarez:

The destiny of Gloabalization, NAFTA and Free Trade is easy to perceive here on the Blvd. Benito Juarez in Rosarito, Mexico. There is a HUGE gulf between the rich and the poor here. When George took economics in college, he learned that there had to be a balance in the distribution of the wealth. There is no balance here in Rosarito. The City of Rosarito is a picture window view into the destiny of Globalization.

Mexican workers earn very little money, so they are very cheap to hire. George ate lunch in a new restaurant, "La EspeciaL". In this restaurant were six workers trying to keep busy. These six were trying to do the work of one or two people. Workers sweep already clean floors, in order to keep busy. Perhaps the main job of workers in Rosarito, is the job of trying to look busy!

Lunch was very cheap, by USA standards. A soft taco with a load of steak, a bowl of veggies, a mound of fresh guacamole, and a side of beans, 2 kinds of salsa AND a large bottle of Coca Cola for only $22 pesos or about $US2.20 !

In the pic below, George stands across the street from "La EspeciaL", the restaurant where he had lunch.

Below, George meets General Francisco (Pancho) Villa (1878-1923) on Blvd. Benito Juarez.

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