Sunday, January 25, 2004

There is something that reader friends may not appreciate about the people who live in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. Let me explain with a little story about yesterday afternoon at the tiny tortilleria (Tortilla store).

We paid for the kilogram of tortillas at the Tiny Tortilleria, with a $50 peso bill. $50 pesos is $4.72US. The clerk did not have enough change in the register for me. We have noticed this change problem before in stores. The reason for this is that people do not carry that much money when they shop. $5US is a lot of money in Rosarito Beach.

When we paid for groceries last week at Waldos Mart with a $200 peso note, the clerk had to gather our change from three other registers. This is a VERY important clue for reader friends in order to understand the people of Rosarito Beach, Mexico. There is a huge gulf between the people who live Rosarito Beach, Mexico and the people of the United States. We from the United States may find it almost impossible to perceive how HUGE that $money$ gulf is down here.

The people who work in the Tiny Tortilleria earn about $40/week. They work six days a week and 10 hours/day. So they are earning less than 70 cents US/hour!!

During the early afternoon, George climbed on Mr. Trek and went with Mr. Sony Mavica to look for the Sunday swap meet. But the Sunday Swap meet had been rained out. A few blocks further on however, was a Farmer's Market like assortment of little sellers. George walked thru there and bought some tomatoes, eggs and camarones (shrimp).

In the pic below, we see George with Leonardo, owner of the fish store where George bought his shrimp.

George shows off his magnificent buys! There are 30 eggs which George paid $27 pesos ($2.55US)!! That's only 8.5 cents US/egg. The Roma Tomatoes cost $5 pesos (47 cents US). The camarones (shrimp) cost $10 pesos (94 cents US). Can you imagine?? 94 cents for all these fresh shrimp!!

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  1. George, You are staying at that families lot next to the beach. How did you compensate them for the parking space? I know you jumped their car the first day, but did it cost more after that? Just curious, since you say at the same place each night. It looks fantastic. Do you have other recommendations for places to park in Rosarito?