Thursday, January 15, 2004

We ate breakfast in Imperial Beach, only a few miles from the Mexican Border. This is SOOOO exciting. See you in Mexico!

We passed thru the Border check like a breeze! The sign said green, and the next thing you know we were in Mexico! The 1st thing we wanted to do was to buy pesos. We drove into Central Tijuana, and went thru the worst places! No problems though! I think that we must have gone past a 1000 places that will do auto body work, with guys outside frantically waving for us to pull over.

In the pic below, is the Giant Welcome to Tijuana Sign (Bienvenidos A Tijuana)

George found a bank ATM. He had no idea what would happen, but he asked for $100. What would come out? Pesos came out! Wow! So George asked for $1,000 more pesos. We think that's about US$100. In the pic below, George shows off his $Peso$ hoard!!

On the way to Rosarito, we stopped in a few neighborhoods alongside the main road. Nite Camping sites are everywhere! It does not appear right now, that we will have to pay one $peso$ to Nite Camp in Rosarito, or anywhere so far in Baja.

After lunch, we will explore Rosarito, take some pics, maybe do some shopping. George is going to make lunch, Mexican Food, what else?! Something with tortillas!

George walked down to the main street of Rosarito with Mr. Mavica. Across the road was Calimax, a popular grocery in Mexico, and George had to go in there and buy something. For only $1.85US George bought 4-rolls toilet paper, 2-beautiful Haas avocados and 2-Russet potatoes. Wow! In the pic below, George looks across the boulevard at the Calimax Grocery.

After browsing around the shops along the boulevard, we drove down to the beach. Somebody was having car troubles, and we offered to jump start their car. Afterwards, we were invited to park Senora Tioga in front of their home, which just happened to be right next to the beach. One of the neighbors walked by and we had a nice conversation in Spanish. In the pic below, George talks with Eddie the Neighbor and his baby Joshua. The three of us are sitting on a wall, and just beyond this wall is the beach.

We made Supper Camp and Nite Camp in front of the home of our new friends in Rosarito. George ate his favorite Twice Fried Chicken for supper!

It is a little after 11PM now. A little while ago George went out to stand at the wall that separates the beach from the road. It is an absolutely fabulous nite, with stars so bright!!

How in the World did we get so lucky as this? Wow! :)

Good nite everybody!

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