Saturday, January 31, 2004

Why is living fulltime in Ms. Tioga so terrific?!!

Because everywhere that Ms. Tioga goes is HOME!
This means that when we come out of the Safeway Grocery, OUR HOME, Ms. Tioga, is waiting right across the parking lot!

Anywhere that we park, we are HOME ! Anywhere! Wow!! Think about that!! Man Alive, 95! That is soooo terrific!

In the pic below, George and Mr. Trek are taking off to buy some fruit for breakfast at Albertson's Grocery. Mr. Mavica is staying behind so that there will be room for groceries in George's backpack!

On the way to the Albertson's Grocery we found "Chula Vista RV" right around the corner from our Nite Camp site. After our late breakfast, George is going back to this cute little company and we will take all of you along to see what we can see. We are eating breakfast late today! But who cares?!

The pic below is George standing in front of Chula Vista RV. Unfortunately, this wonderful little RV store closed at 12 noon today! However, we want to recommend Chula Vista RV for parts and repairs. Harold Jacobsen, the owner, is a remarkable fellow. A trustworthy and capable person! Chula Vista RV is located at 679 Broadway.

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