Sunday, February 29, 2004

Fog is over Lake Henshaw and the valley below. The sun is out though. It's cold outside, in the low 50s. Walking around in the cold has made George so hungry!! George is thinking of breakfast. It is Sunday, and that means pancakes, ham/sausage and eggs! In the pic below, George, Ms. Tioga and Mr. Trek look out at the fog.

The Team was going to head on down the road, but encouraged by readers, instead we are going up the mountain to Palomar Mountain State Park and the Observatory located there.

Wow, The Team wanted to show everybody in Snow Country USA that we in California have snow too. In this pic, George poses with the snow, wearing sandles with white socks in the dead of Winter!

Here is a pic of the 200" Palomar Telescope.

Mr. Sony Mavica asked if the people at Mt. Palomar if the Dome could be opened. How could they refuse Mr. Mavica's request?

There was an excursion trip for only $5. How could we refuse a trip to the Andromeda Galaxy for so cheap a price?

The Team has stopped for lunch at the mountain top. We will go down the mountain and head toward Pala, CA.

We are in Pala. This town is an Indian Reservation. There are signs advertising several casinos in the area. George has not tried to find these casinos, yet! If we have no problems we will make Nite Camp here.

The pic below shows George, Ms. Tioga and Mr. DataStorm at their campsite in Pala, California.


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Saturday, February 28, 2004

We will travel only about 10 miles today, North on Hwy 79 from Santa Ysabel to the Lake Henshaw area. We have to let our $budget$ catch up with the price of $gasoline$ !!

We are just about to leave our Friday Nite Camp Site. This is the lovely view The Team had from our high hill camp Northwest of Santa Ysabel.

We are Supper Camped (maybe Nite Camped if nobody bothers us) high over Lake Henshaw, on the road up to Mount Palomar (Observatory). The view from here is plain spectacular!

Mr. Sony Mavica combined two pics into one for a broad view of George looking out at Lake Henshaw! That Mr. Mavica is SOOOO talented! Wow!

A view out Ms. Tioga's rear window near dusk. It is too cold and windy to go outside for pics now! Only 45 degrees F but with the wind, wow! Cold!

The TiogaRV Team is absolutely excited beyond belief at all of the great things that are happening lately. Although things keep on breaking, George has been able to fix them himself. We are traveling thru country that is fabulous. My Lord, we are so thankful!!

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Friday, February 27, 2004

Rain! We love the rain and it is falling on the Anza Borrego Desert Park.

After breakfast, we will leave the Park, and travel north and likely Nite Camp in the Santa Ysabel area. Wow! That is where the little bakery is that sells the 35 cent chocolate chip pecan cookies! Oh man!

When we drove into Santa Ysabel, first thing we filled up with gasoline and propane. We try to always have a lot of gasoline and propane because the worst thing for us is to run low on fuel. We also filled our water tank.

Then, we made a beeline for the Julian Pie Company. The TiogaRV Team says that Julian Pie is a Must Go! George bought a slice of hot dutch apple pie which he devoured back in Ms. Tioga.

Dudley's Bakery is another Must Go! Their cookies and other pastry are fantastic!

We found our Supper/Nite Camp a bit north of Santa Ysabel at the crest of a hill on Mesa Grande Road. For supper we had a fantastic burger covered with Bush's Baked Beans, Onions & Cheese. We eat this delite right out of our frying pan!


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Thursday, February 26, 2004

George & Mr. Mavica rushed outside early this morning, to get this pic of a sunrise over Anza Borrego State Park! Wow!

Mr. Mavica even caught Ms. Tioga peeking out at the sunrise!!

A nice rain fell during the nite, and continues this morning. George walked among the thousands of cactus before sunrise. Can you imagine how clean and fresh the air is out here in the Anza Borrego?!!

The pic below is a desert view of Ms. Tioga. Blog reader Ben writes that this kind of cactus is called Cholla, and is nicknamed "Jumping Cactus" because its needles seem to jump onto anything nearby. George found out about this Cholla, because it attached to his pants and shoes!

Mr. Mavica wishes that he could take one of those Virtual pics of the entire desert. Mr. Mavica thinks that maybe he can?! Who knows what the fabulous Mr. Sony Mavica can do?

A storm is coming tonite. Do you think that the clouds are beautiful, even though menacing?


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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Today, in celebration of The First Year of the Tioga and George Adventure Team, we have published our:

We have just turned onto the road that leads into Anza Borrego Park. We spotted this sign! Wow!

We are definitely in the park now!

This is our Nite Camp spot, although George is only thinking about Supper Camp now!! He is starving for the fish and roast beast combination supper that he will eat tonite.

It is getting pretty well into dusk. We can only imagine what the stars will look like way out here in the Anza Borrego Desert later tonite! Wow!


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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Do you know what tomorrow is? The first anniversary of the day that Ms. Tioga and George first met on February 25th, 2003!

Mr. Chips and George have been working all morning on a Special First Anniversary Edition of our Journal. Mr. Chips and George are picking out the best days of our first year's adventure! A very tough job because every one of our days was absolutely fantastic!!

This morning we will pick up Mr. Onan's Maintenance manual from the Cummins people. We have been camped around the corner from Cummins for the past two nites. Mr. Onan, BTW, is working absolutely great! The entire TiogaRV Team is so proud of our Mr. Onan, because his attitude is I never quit!. The TiogaRV Team believes that though Mr. Onan never quits, he sure has stopped a few times over the last month! Wow!

The TiogaRV Team had a meeting this morning and we all decided to head toward Anza Borrego State Park. Have you ever heard of this place, or been there? Several readers have suggested we go to Anza Borrego, and we are sooooo excited about that, you would not believe!

We have made Supper Camp in Ramona, California. We like to make supper camp in places where we are not sure about making Nite Camp. If this place seems hospitable, and nobody bothers us, we may stay here for the nite. In the pic below, George has just returned from a flower walk while Ms. Tioga waits patiently!


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Monday, February 23, 2004

The TiogaRV Team has been very busy for several weeks, tweeking everything that we can onboard the fabulous Ms. Tioga.

Our 2004 Trip Plan includes traveling thru the states of Oregon, Idaho, Montana, North & South Dakota. We are tweeking now, so that we will have the least amount of maintenance problems during our 2004 Adventure!

This morning we will tweak into the Cummins Corporation located in El Cajon, Calif. Our goal here is to find out everything that we are able concerning the operation of our hardworking Mr. Onan, the 4 kilowatt generator that helps supply electrical power when Mr. Sunny is hardpressed for sunshine.

George changed Mr. Onan's sparkplugs this afternoon. In order to change the sparkplugs, Mr. Onan has to be lowered to the ground so that the plugs are exposed. Mr. Onan is very heavy, so George invented the "Knee Board" which is a lever that allows Mr. Onan to be lowered and put back into position. In the pic below, George shows off his proud invention, "The Knee Board!"

The Team decided to create a "Maintenance Manual" to keep track of all the things that we learn about Ms. Tioga. In the pic below, George shows off the new, "Ms. Tioga's Maintenance Manual."

Mr. Onan seems to be running very well now. George adjusted Mr. Onan's carburetor in addition to changing the plugs. George checked everywhere for a broken wire, and could find none. For now, The Team is declaring Mr. Onan fine and dandy!!


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Sunday, February 22, 2004

We are parked in El Cajon, California for the nite, just around the corner from Cummins Corp., the people who service Onan Generators. It has been raining pretty steadily for sometime. No leaks!!!! Wow! :)

Mr. Onan is having a new generator problem. Mr. Onan runs while the start button is depressed, but when the start button is released, Mr. Onan stops. We are able to keep our battery bank charged by running the main engine.

We have been working on various problems with Mr. Onan for several months, but this is the worst problem yet. Tomorrow we were going to pickup a new breaker switch and install it. However this new problem with Mr. Onan not running on his own, has to be resolved.

George feels that we might be coming to the end of a very long string of maintenance challenges that we inherited from Ms. Tioga's former owner. Wow! We hope so!! When we think about all of the work that has been done on Ms. Tioga, the list seems endless!

George says that he will never give up, because he has confidence that Ms. Tioga is still the best RV in the history of the World!


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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Today was a pretty quiet for the TiogaRV Team. We did some electrical maintenance and helped some reader friends online. George washed clothes.

We are Day Camped, and possibly will Nite Camp in the same place, north of Mission Bay. I think that this place is called North Beach. People who like to go to night spots for entertainment would love this area. There are sooooo many places that look very cute, with bands playing at night.


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