Friday, February 27, 2004

Rain! We love the rain and it is falling on the Anza Borrego Desert Park.

After breakfast, we will leave the Park, and travel north and likely Nite Camp in the Santa Ysabel area. Wow! That is where the little bakery is that sells the 35 cent chocolate chip pecan cookies! Oh man!

When we drove into Santa Ysabel, first thing we filled up with gasoline and propane. We try to always have a lot of gasoline and propane because the worst thing for us is to run low on fuel. We also filled our water tank.

Then, we made a beeline for the Julian Pie Company. The TiogaRV Team says that Julian Pie is a Must Go! George bought a slice of hot dutch apple pie which he devoured back in Ms. Tioga.

Dudley's Bakery is another Must Go! Their cookies and other pastry are fantastic!

We found our Supper/Nite Camp a bit north of Santa Ysabel at the crest of a hill on Mesa Grande Road. For supper we had a fantastic burger covered with Bush's Baked Beans, Onions & Cheese. We eat this delite right out of our frying pan!


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  1. This nite site on the google map appears to be fenced off now. :-(

  2. My mistake. I see now from the newer post that you were parked on the side of the road and not in the fenced off area. Not the greatest looking place to park?