Sunday, February 29, 2004

Fog is over Lake Henshaw and the valley below. The sun is out though. It's cold outside, in the low 50s. Walking around in the cold has made George so hungry!! George is thinking of breakfast. It is Sunday, and that means pancakes, ham/sausage and eggs! In the pic below, George, Ms. Tioga and Mr. Trek look out at the fog.

The Team was going to head on down the road, but encouraged by readers, instead we are going up the mountain to Palomar Mountain State Park and the Observatory located there.

Wow, The Team wanted to show everybody in Snow Country USA that we in California have snow too. In this pic, George poses with the snow, wearing sandles with white socks in the dead of Winter!

Here is a pic of the 200" Palomar Telescope.

Mr. Sony Mavica asked if the people at Mt. Palomar if the Dome could be opened. How could they refuse Mr. Mavica's request?

There was an excursion trip for only $5. How could we refuse a trip to the Andromeda Galaxy for so cheap a price?

The Team has stopped for lunch at the mountain top. We will go down the mountain and head toward Pala, CA.

We are in Pala. This town is an Indian Reservation. There are signs advertising several casinos in the area. George has not tried to find these casinos, yet! If we have no problems we will make Nite Camp here.

The pic below shows George, Ms. Tioga and Mr. DataStorm at their campsite in Pala, California.


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