Saturday, February 28, 2004

We will travel only about 10 miles today, North on Hwy 79 from Santa Ysabel to the Lake Henshaw area. We have to let our $budget$ catch up with the price of $gasoline$ !!

We are just about to leave our Friday Nite Camp Site. This is the lovely view The Team had from our high hill camp Northwest of Santa Ysabel.

We are Supper Camped (maybe Nite Camped if nobody bothers us) high over Lake Henshaw, on the road up to Mount Palomar (Observatory). The view from here is plain spectacular!

Mr. Sony Mavica combined two pics into one for a broad view of George looking out at Lake Henshaw! That Mr. Mavica is SOOOO talented! Wow!

A view out Ms. Tioga's rear window near dusk. It is too cold and windy to go outside for pics now! Only 45 degrees F but with the wind, wow! Cold!

The TiogaRV Team is absolutely excited beyond belief at all of the great things that are happening lately. Although things keep on breaking, George has been able to fix them himself. We are traveling thru country that is fabulous. My Lord, we are so thankful!!

Nite Camp Location Link


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