Sunday, February 22, 2004

We are parked in El Cajon, California for the nite, just around the corner from Cummins Corp., the people who service Onan Generators. It has been raining pretty steadily for sometime. No leaks!!!! Wow! :)

Mr. Onan is having a new generator problem. Mr. Onan runs while the start button is depressed, but when the start button is released, Mr. Onan stops. We are able to keep our battery bank charged by running the main engine.

We have been working on various problems with Mr. Onan for several months, but this is the worst problem yet. Tomorrow we were going to pickup a new breaker switch and install it. However this new problem with Mr. Onan not running on his own, has to be resolved.

George feels that we might be coming to the end of a very long string of maintenance challenges that we inherited from Ms. Tioga's former owner. Wow! We hope so!! When we think about all of the work that has been done on Ms. Tioga, the list seems endless!

George says that he will never give up, because he has confidence that Ms. Tioga is still the best RV in the history of the World!


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