Wednesday, March 31, 2004

We repaired Mr. Onan's broken wire early this morning. This wire may have been causing Mr. Onan to cut his engine, since it was sometimes connected and sometimes not. For sure, this wire made Mr. Onan's clock/timer stop. We tried to get a wiring schematic for this circuit, but none could be found.

In the pic below, George works on Mr. Onan's wires.

More gold was taken from the area below this bridge, than from anyplace in the World. This was the location of The Mother Lode that you may have read about.

James Woods discovered this fabulous gold find in 1848. George is looking downstream from the bridge in the first pic below. In the 2nd pic, George is looking at the plaque on the bridge, which was part of the State Highway over Woods Creek. People called this place "Woods Crossing."

Below is a pic of the plaque describing Woods Crossing. It may be hard to read. The words on this plaque read:

Woods Crossing
Tuolumne County history begins here. Early in 1848
a party of Philiadelphia prospectors under the leadership
of James Woods discovered gold five hundred
feet south east of this marker, where the old road
crosses the creek now bearing Woods' name. James
Savage, J.H. Rider, and Charles Bassett, the latter
prominant in the early history of Columbia, were members
of the party. This marker is located directly on the
famous Mother Lode, the greatest gold bearing vein in
the world.

Woods Crossing Marker

The Team can only imagine what happened here some 156 years ago. The thrill of finding all of that gold, and the heartbreak and misery that must have followed. Wow!

Below is a link which describes the history of those wondrous Gold Strikes:

Jamestown Historic Gold Rush History

We drove up Hwy 49 to the restored town of Columbia and made Nite Camp at the airport a bit south of town. Below is a pic of Ms. Tioga and George looking at the airport. So far, we have not seen even one P51 Mustang, George's favorite fighter plane.

Note to Readers:

The traveling portion of The Adventures of Tioga and George will have to come to an end for awhile. My expenses have exceeded my income, and I must find a job in order to get some cash resources together.

If readers appear interested in hearing about what goes on, I will continue to post daily after I find employment. Or perhaps, I will post weekly updates. While I am looking for work, I'll continue to explore and post with pics and commentary.

I'm hoping that it will be possible to be back on the road fulltime again by June. That would be oh so very good!!

Bye for now,

PS: In the past few hours since I put up this "Note to Readers", I have received loads of emails urging me to keep on posting daily. In thinking it over, I have come to think that this "job thing" is really part of The Adventures of Tioga and George. So I will tell the story of what happens when we search for work, what we get offered, and how it goes, "on-the-job", OK?


Location: Columbia Airport Nite Camp

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Since daybreak, Mr. Sony Mavica and his faithful companion TriPod have been peaking out thru the blinds claiming that they hear water flowing near our Nite Camp. Sure enough, when we all went out to take a peak, there was a ravine with a lovely stream which we found was named Sullivan Creek. We are drawn like a magnet toward waters.

George installed Mr. Onan's replacement clock-timer this morning, but George still has to repair the broken wire in the cable. Maybe that can be done later, after breakfast.

Today we return to Jamestown to tour Railtown 1897 State Park!! Wow!

Railtown 1897 is at the actual site in Jamestown where the terminal of the Sierra Railroad was located. Here is the dedication sign.

One of the outstanding remaining features, is the roundhouse with its giant turntable.

While George toured Railtown 1897, men worked at #28 to get her ready for the Saturday, April 3rd, 2004 Opening Day Celebration. George is debating whether to hang around for Saturday to see all that can be seen.

At the Blacksmith Shop, was this sign.

And inside the blacksmith shop, George looked at the "ring of fire" and the steel tire hanging in the back of the shop.

We made Supper Camp near Hwy 49 across from the Jamestown Chevrolet dealership and will probably move for Nite Camp. This place is too exposed for Nite Camp.

We moved south a few miles for our Nite Camp. MsTioga is in a commercial area. Tomorrow morning, George wants to work on Mr. Onan's broken wire, and this will be a swell place to do that repair.


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Monday, March 29, 2004

The Team left Yosemite National Park. Yosemite is a hard place to leave! It is so beautiful and such a blessing!! At this time of year, the weather is cool and everything is green.

In the pic below, The Team is just about to leave camp and George takes a last look at Half Dome thru the trees.

In the pic below, we are at a point on Hwy 120 where we may see the Merced River and Yosemite Valley for the last time. Do you see Bridal Veil Falls far back?

We are in Jamestown, California. Inside Ms. Tioga it is 88 degrees F. Wow!! What a difference from being in Yosemite just a few hours ago.

In the pic below, George looks at Main Street in Jamestown which still looks a little like an old western town, which it was so many years ago.

We have made supper camp in the parking lot of the The Railtown 1897 State Historic Park in Jamestown.

A sign in the lot states no parking 10PM to 6PM. We love signs like that because they tell us exactly how late we can stay here and not be bothered by the local law.

Tomorrow we will come back here when the Railroad Park is open. Can't wait!!

We broke Supper Camp and made Nite Camp on Jacksonville Road, south of Jamestown, near a finger of the New Don Pedro Reservoir. It is dark, and we cannot see if we are near water.


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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Everybody is up! We decided to eat breakfast before our hike, and we had eggs and sausage inside Ms. Tioga. This has been the biggest group that has ever eaten inside Ms. Tioga.

We decided to hike up to see Nevada Falls instead of Yosemite Falls.

We arrived within view of Nevada Falls. In the pic below is The Group that braved the John Muir Trail to see magnificent Nevada Falls.

We went to feast at The Ahwahnee Breakfast Buffet. If you are in Yosemite, this buffet is a must do.


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Saturday, March 27, 2004

George was busy washing clothes this morning, eating breakfast and rewatching "The Bridges of Madison County" on TV. Wow! We love that movie!

George vacuumed up Ms. Tioga's carpets in preparation for guests this afternoon and evening. Our friend Glenn, will be coming late this afternoon. George's son David and his son Pedro will be arriving later that evening. Tomorrow, all four of us will climb the Yosemite Falls Trail to see what can be seen.

Now we are driving Ms. Tioga over to Bridal Veil Falls, where George and Mr. Sony Mavica will take a look at this beautiful place.

We have returned to the campground area from Bridal Veil Fall. First we popped the corned beef into the oven to let it roast.

Below is a pic of the magnificent Bridal Veil Fall. Wow!

A few hundred yards from Bridal Veil Fall was this camping spot where President Theodore Roosevelt and the Great John Muir stayed.

The pic below shows El Capitan, largest single piece of granite in our entire Galaxy! Hundreds of climbers test themselves against this giant rock.


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Friday, March 26, 2004

We pulled out of Upper Pines Campground to see what was going on with last nite's storm. It had rained almost all night long, and now the rain had stopped. Look what we saw as we cleared the trees! Winter struck last nite! Wow!

Mr. Mavica and George are leaving the rest of The Team behind, and hike up to see Vernal Falls! Wow!

Mr. Mavica and George have just returned from hiking up to Vernal Falls. When George last hiked this trail, it was 2001 and George did not know that he was stricken with cancer. It took George over 2 hours to go to the Vernal Falls bridge in 2001. Today, George is happy to say that he did not stop one time on the hike up, and got there in about 1/2 hour. Wow!

The first thing we came to on this hike was this sign below.

The Mighty Merced River always thundered along because the trail follows the River. We came upon the sight of the Beautiful Illouette Fall across the canyon.

Then we came to the place where the bridge crosses the Merced River, with the magnicent Vernal Falls.

Later this afternoon at the Yosemite Lodge, a ranger will talk about bears. We want to know about bears so we will be there.


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Thursday, March 25, 2004

The Team only stays in the Campground at nite, to sleep. From our Campground Site, it is not possible to either charge Mr. Sunny (solar battery bank) or use Mr. DataStorm (satellite internet). We move a 1/2 mile to a lovely day use lot, and park there all day and evening long.

After breakfast in the parking lot, George, Mr. Trek and Mr. Mavica will bike out to Mirror Lake to see what we can see. In the pic below, George looks up at Yosemite's Southern Canyon Wall. Even parking lot views, are spectacular in Yosemite. Wow!!

We are back from our bike ride to Mirror Lake. Wow! What an incredible place! We met and had wonderful conversations with people from China, Libya, Belgium, and even two couples from Missouri!!

Below are the pics that we took at Mirror Lake. Words fail.

Below is a pic of the huge rush of water from the early snow melt. This is Tanaya Creek, descending from Mirror Lake. Hey David, do we go river right or left?

A storm has come to Yosemite Valley bringing rain and clouds. The pic below is the of the same Southern Canyon Wall as in our first pic today, but oh my, the change in the weather! Wow!


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